Top 3 Wide Neck Acoustic Guitars – When Real Estate Matters The Most

3 wide neck guitars stand upOriginal wide neck acoustic guitars have not just smooth playability, but also great build, sound at a very exceptional value.

Best of them have pressure tested nice tops and also strong and durable sides and backs that can offer you a very warm, and surprisingly detailed tone.

If you want to see what wide neck guitars are for you then read this entire top 3 wide necks acoustic guitar list.

Top 3 List

1. Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar

These Yamaha brand guitars are well revered, because they offer almost perfect sound, also very easy to play, not to mention that they are very inspirational. Superbly Yamaha C40 Strings zoomconstructed with its great spruce top, does not even slightly buzz, possess also good neck and nice body finish, and the only issue is that I would put better strings here.

It will be your main composing instrument from the point you buy this one. Well, certainly there are some better guitars on the market, but for the very affordable price, you will not be able to find a better choice. This one got also perfect gloss finish made from melamine.

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This guitar is great for the beginners too. If you do replacement of the strings then you will have improved sound, far greater ease of smooth fingering, and overall greater comfort. I warmly recommend this one for the musicians who are starting out, and who really want to play real wide neck type classic guitar.

[su_label type=”info”]Pros[/su_label]

• Made for Beginners

• Spruce Top

• Indonesian Mahogany Sides and Back

• Rosewood Fingerboard of Javanese origin

• Gloss Finish made from Melamine

[su_label type=”info”]Cons[/su_label]

• Needs better strings

2. Yamaha CGS104A Full-Size Classical Guitar – Natural

You will be impressed with this great packaging and the superb instrument itself which appears to appear very sturdy and also well-made. You will be actually very excited to take some lessons on this one as it is opposed to the many other guitars of this type.

Yamaha CGS104A neck viewThis one has a good spruce top, and also nice starter size with well-crafted rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

This is also a very pretty looking instrument with great finishing equal all other top-quality instruments. It’s worth mentioning that the intonation is an almost perfect and you will be pleasantly surprised by that. It posses a unique forthright tone, and that’s more like some larger guitars.

One and the only issue is that the guitar can be easily scratched, despite its size is not clear for some musicians. Because it is really slightly larger than it’s expected and in some cases would fit harder.

I highly recommend this one for advanced and more mature acoustic and classical performers as an outstanding travel guitar.

[su_label type=”info”]Pros[/su_label]

• Spruce Top

• Meranti Sides and Back

• Rosewood Fingerboard

• Rosewood bridge

• Natural Finish

[su_label type=”info”]Cons[/su_label]

• It can be easily scratched

3. Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

For the cost, this Cordoba C3M guitar gives truly phenomenal sound. If you have played some other classical guitars, then you will quickly figure out that this guitar is easily comparable to any other far pricier ones in terms of its pure sound.Cordoba C3M Classical back side

Because, the already good sound gets really nicer as you perform more and more, so I realize the wood will age like the good vine, with time. So, for the cost, this is an outstanding guitar.

It’s very easy and extremely pleasant to use this one and the sound is pretty good, and only a bass can be a bit heavy, but this guitar has enough character and volume.

No weird and problematic resonances are present here or nasty dead spots, and no buzzy type of frets or wires that are hanging badly over the fretboards edge. Also, thin layer created from the fine matte finish is better than many products that are coated in plastic.

[su_label type=”info”]Pros[/su_label]

• Great Cedar top

• Nice natural wood

• Good satin finish

• Great sustain

• Rosewood bridge

• Rosewood fingerboard

[su_label type=”info”]Cons[/su_label]

• The back of a guitar bridge can be slightly off the soundboard.


Yamaha is probably among the best brands when it comes to many music equipment and instruments. That also includes this very playable and durable guitar that offer great sustain and feel.

So, I hope that you will be satisfied with this top 3 wide necks acoustic guitar list and that you will make some use of it.

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