Cello VS Violin – Which One Is For You?

cello or violin which is betterBoth this music instruments are almost equally difficult, but in different ways, and that’s the hard truth.

There are plenty of things that you really need to put to careful consideration when meeting this issue. Cello vs violin is not some easy type of comparison, so please read on.


When it comes to positioning, the cello is much easier because its weight is supported directly on the solid ground, and you’ll attain far more control over the instrument’s body.

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The regular position and hold of the other instrument are pretty unnatural and problematic in comparison because the violin is completely supported on your own shoulder and also your own bow arm must be lifted. Overall, in this field, the cello is a winner.


But that really doesn’t mean that cello is easier. The size of it is sometimes a clear disadvantage and problem when you need to shift your fingers. On another instrument shifting is easier because the violin is much smaller.

Longer distances in every aspect are a bigger problem with the cello simply because it’s obviously bulkier than the lightweight violin.
violin is much smaller than Cello

The sound

You can truly produce a far better sound with a cello in much faster time-span than with a violin, particularly during starting out. Because violin can sound a bit squeaky during a long period of time, until you eventually ‘click’, and then it will disappear.

But, once you really start climbing some higher levels, then the cello truly starts getting far more complicated, and I must mention that those cello notes are much harder to easily find than those of the violin, especially if you continue searching for a special music sheet.


The violin is the winner here because it is clearly far more popular instrument, that’s why you’ll find much more regular violin-related materials. Because having some greater amount of material will probably give you much more motivation, not to mention more additional resources for attaining the complete success, and with it the fulfillment of your desire.
comparing violin and cello popularity

But be aware, that you’ll have much less real competition if you choose cello. That means you’ll get far better chances to become the part it of the serious orchestra.

This is due to the sheer multitude of good cellists competing here will be certainly far less. If that’s a plus or a negative – it’s your decision.


The cello is far more expensive than a simple violin. It will be much harder and also pretty costly maintain. Especially if damage is induced in the body of the cell. Really everything costs considerably more if you choose cello, from, repairs, bows, notes, accessories and rentals.


As it was mentioned, finger shifting can be much harder for the cello. You will have some longer distances for your fingers, because it’s simply large.

However, that can also mean that they won’t crowd at all during jumping between different notes. This is mainly because the various spaces between them are much larger.

placements and finger in both instruments

You’ll figure out exactly what is meant by this if you choose to attempt to play those both instruments. You will know the big difference if you put your fingers on their strings. On a normal violin, your own fingers will certainly feel too crowded and close to each other.

The placements and finger are mostly the same. That is why it was mentioned that in term of various difficulties there is an equality between them. But, pressing the fingers far more down is harder when it comes to the cello.

All in all

Consider all that is mentioned in this text and decide before you buy cello or the violin. If you really love some of these instruments, then it really doesn’t matter how expensive or truly hard it is.

Just do everything that is in your personal power to try to learn and all is possible. That’s a clear fact.

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