Cello VS Bass – The Difference That Matters

bass vs cello comparisonThere is a multitude of differences and similarities between the bass and the cello.

For the total beginners, you really need to completely understand that those two instruments are far from the same thing.

However, they truly do have some of the very important and remarkable connections and that fact is also considered in this text.

Which is better and more suited for you?

Essentially, it is clear that the bass and the cello look almost the same.

[su_note]But, however, here is the number of very important differences between these two instruments, and those are:[/su_note]

[su_label type=”warning”]a) Pitch[/su_label]

Firstly, the common cello is almost always pitched precisely a total octave above the pitch of the bass guitar. The latter, of course, is 100% within the completely similar range of the pitch like the classic upright bass, the double bass, and the classic bass.

[su_label type=”warning”]b) Tuning[/su_label]

The process is similar because bass guitars always undergo classic standard tuning in their fourths (from DO – FA), with their normal start at E, but the cello’s regular tuning is not the same, it is within the fifths (e.g. DO – SO), with its start at C.

[su_label type=”warning”]c) Note[/su_label]

As it is already mentioned above, cello starts at C. Well, this is true because the last, lowest note here is certainly the C (that’s around some 64 Hz). And, this one is mostly referred to as exact C note below C note below some middle C one, and this is really right on the very bottom of your own clef.
Man playing bassOn the contrary, bass guitars are always tuned lower than their bottom tone, because in that way they will provide much deeper sounds. Also, guitars, both normal and bass, are in some cases tuned in a similar way to the common Cello but also to sound a full octave lower.

[su_label type=”warning”]d) Size[/su_label]

instruments size orderThe classic cello is considerably smaller and less massive than normal bass guitar. It is the smallest one in its category, and it has also a much higher pitch. You are able, however, to still normally play these nice instruments by using fingers or by using a bow.

Blue Grass and Country mostly play the upright bass type of instrument where it is replaced in more recent times by electric bass guitar.

[su_label type=”warning”]e) Reading[/su_label]

Another very crucial thing to note is that classic bass guitars completely read music in the bass clef. This is exactly why it is quite possible to totally string your instrument like the usual cello and still attain some nice sounds that are truly comparatively different.
Different size. cello and bass showed


Cello vs Bass choice can be a hard one. In some cases, you just buy and play what you like more. The tastes are always very different, but the choice of the beginner can sometimes be very wrong.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3ZNYcVzk9s” width=”440″ height=”260″][/su_youtube]

Cello Demo

It is worth to mention that there are several reasons why we don’t have many fine upright bass guitar performers in the world, especially when you compare it to regular guitar players.

The music style that you like to hear or play also matters a lot. For those who like jazz the bass is the real choice, but for others who like some old classic music stuff, the cello is a right thing.difference between cello and bass

In those genres of music that are so far from the both instruments use, like the hip-hop or electronic music, the bass appears to be more of use, but the cello can be a surprisingly nice option for the various fusion experiments and projects.

Clearly, it is much more fun to often play your bass guitar in a band, but the cello is mostly played in solitude or as an integral part of some large orchestra, but, of course, there are also exceptions for this.

Like the recent two or four man cellos bands which have gained some greater popularity for this instrument.

To summarize

In a nutshell, although the bass guitar and the cello might look alike a lot, a well-experienced ear and the eye will always be able to clearly notice the big difference between the two respective instruments.

So, use this guide well in the case that you are somewhat confused and uncertain this particular question.

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