Suzuki Pure Harp: Harmonica for the purists

this armonica is worth an investment
Harmonica is one of those instruments which appears to be simple, but is quite complex to design.

That is, if you want to make something that is useful at all. Not a lot of people play them, but this instrument can really spice up the composition and give it a deeper dimension.

You have probably heard it being used in all kinds of blues or country songs, so you know just what this instrument can do to an already good song. Harmonicas come in various formats. Some are better than other, but in most cases it all comes down to the skill of the person playing it.

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Older generations of harmonica players will tell you that a good harmonica is going to be made completely out of wood. How based this is in science is up for debate, but hat the general consensus even today. Suzuki Pure Harp is one of the rare models of harmonica which appeal to the purists out there.

Today we are going to review it, and show you why this model is worth an investment.

An Overview

Suzuki is not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of anything music related. They have tried to break through on more popular markets, but have soon realized that’s not going to happen. Since then, their main focus have been simple instruments where their R&D potential could put them ahead of the competition. One such instrument is a harmonica.

Suzuki actually has a very nice range of harmonicas which are considered to be among the best on the market. Suzuki Pure Harp we are talking about today is definitely among those.



As we have mentioned before, the purists in harmonica community will settle for nothing less than full wood harmonica. In most cases, models which are completely made of wood have a much more natural sound and the preferred choice of many professionals out there.

Suzuki recognized this as a great opportunity. The result of their efforts is the new Suzuki Pure Harp line of harmonicas. These are made completely out of wood, and not just any wood. Suzuki chose Rosewood for this purpose for a number of reasons.
Pure harp Suzuki. Made in Japan MR-550

It’s no secret that Rosewood is one of the hardest types of wood used to make instruments. This is why fretboards on guitars are most often made of this very material. Its use in harmonicas gives the instrument a very unique sound, which has all the qualities professionals are striving for.

This model comes with new Suzuki Reed plates which allow the user to play this harmonica with ease and comfort. On top of that, you can do overdraws and overblows with increased efficiency. The covers are also 10-hole diatonic, which is definitely rare. Suzuki Pure Harp comes in twelve different keys, with the addition of high G and low F.

Sound- Icon


What makes full wood harmonicas so great is their response and velocity. The sound of Suzuki Pure Harp is very warm, like only a decent block of wood can deliver. The lows are rich and present, while the mids are saturated.

You can manipulate all parts of the frequency range in a way that will sound great, especially with a band giving you cover. The performance of Suzuki Pure Harp is on the highest level, that’s the simplest way to put.

One of the main concerns about using a wooden harmonica is the finish. If the finish is not perfect, dragging your lips over a piece of wood can quickly turn into a painful disaster. Suzuki solved this issue with high quality control, thus eliminating any risk of injury.

However, there is something you need to keep in mind when playing a Rosewood harmonica like this one. Rosewood is know to induce allergic reactions in some individuals. Although this is extremely rare, you should be aware of this information.


What we like

Rock solid designs combined with impressive performance is all we need to know about this harmonica. It’s an instrument designed for the professional.


What we don’t like

Only complaint we have about the Pure Harp is the price. Although, it’s definitely worth paying that kind of money for an instrument of this quality.


Suzuki Pure Harp is one of the best harmonicas on the market. It appeals to the old school players with its solid wood construction, while at the same time giving a professional player the right tool for the job.

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If you are looking to get one of the best harmonicas available, Suzuki Pure Harp is the way to go.

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