Guitar Now: Does It Really Help in Learning Guitar?

Playing the guitar is what a lot of us have wanted to do. Lot of people start out with a new guitar but leave without going much forward. They get frustrated as is common for a beginner.

Learn Guitar in Minutes?

Playing the guitar is a lot about your muscle memory. That’s how you learn various chords and that’s how you play faster solos. Adam Levine from promises that his product moves the archaic way of teaching guitar and can help them learn faster and in a more comfortable approach.

Guitar Now will help improve your muscle memory When you start out to learn the simple chords, you need to place each finger on the specific fret. This takes a lot of practice getting used to and shifting between chords. Now, normally we see the notes on the fretboard (say from the computer) and copy the same on our guitar.

For a beginner, holding those nut positions is painful because their finger tips are soft. What Levine does with his product is remove this frustrating bit.

His product comes with a plastic collar rap which fits on the neck of your guitar. Also, you have these pre shaped “Chord Inserts” which can be fitted on the top plate and collar wrap and you will get a chord shape. All you now need to do is simply place your fingers on the head of these inserts to form the chord structure.

place each finger on the specific fret

This will help improve your muscle memory automatically. Practice a few times with the “Chord Insert” and then remove the chord insert and try to form the chord.

Another problem which Levine seems to overcome with his product is to build calluses on the finger tips. As a beginner you have soft finger tips, which make it painful to hold the chords properly. The “Chord Inserts” have “callus builder buttons”. Now you don’t apply the pressure on the string directly. Instead it gets spread on the button surface. Pain minimized.

All you have got to do now is fit this accessory on your guitar and start pressing on those buttons hahaha!
Almost like a video game!

This new fret board accessory makes it much easier for a beginner to learn the guitar and not give up midway!!

Guitar Now is available now from Kickstarter.

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