The Mighty Flea – Could Be The Next Big Thing In Portable Guitar Utilities

I play the guitar for quite some time now, and I can honestly say that guitar amps are vital, but they can be a pain in the posterior. Here’s the real dilemma.

The Problem

You can have an amp that is very good sound quality and produces a hefty amount of volume, but it would be bulky and you need an outlet to plug it in. On the other hand, there are are battery-operated and portable amplifiers in the market, but the volume output is abysmal and the sound quality is something much to be desired.

Possible Solution

This Mighty Flea guitar amp is trying to bridge the portability and convenience of a battery-operated guitar and the volume power and sound quality of an “outlet-powered” amp.

If the creator succeeds at this goal, it will have a very good market. Traveling musicians would NEED something like this. Also, everyone with a guitar would WANT something like this.

Last Thougths

Another great thing about this is the risk-reward ratio. He is not asking that much, and if he succeeds, it could become something very big.

For more info or to pre-order head over to the Mighty Flea kickstarter page.

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