Mackie SRM350 V2 – High Output At Reasonable Price

Introduction to srm350 v2 loud speaker
Mackie is a pretty big name in audio business.
They are not the type of brand you associate with high end gear, but they are among the top five companies which dominate the mid range of the market.

Most people know Mackie because of their great monitor speakers and home audio models, however this brand also makes some pretty interesting loud speakers.

The ones we think are worth mentioning are the Mackie SRM350 V2. First thing that you will notice is the type of design Mackie offers with these, and the price they are asking for them.

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Generally, the features offered by this particular model tend to be found in higher price ranges than this. So how come Mackie managed to squeeze all that in, at what is really an affordable price?

Let’s find out by taking a closer look at this loudspeaker.

Finding a good set of loudspeakers is all about knowing exactly what kind of output you need, and what kind of applications those speakers will have to be used for. Figuring this out will narrow down your choices to a selection of models which offer the best possible performance.

When it comes to Mackie SRM350 V2, we are talking about small spaces where you still need decent power, but also a good amount of definition and sonic clarity.



Mackie SRM350 V2 is a two way active loudspeaker that utilizes two amplifiers in order to deliver some 165 Watts of power. The enclosure was carefully designed to offer best acoustic properties along with decent protection.

Material of choice came down to Polypropylene, which is more or less standard in this price range. There are two transducers in loudspeaker. You are looking at a 10 inch low frequency neodymium transducer that covers anything from 61Hz to 3 kHz, and a titanium plated tweeter that covers the 1 kHz – 20 kHz range.

Mackie SRM350 V2 comes with carefully designed waveguide for the tweeter that increases the dispersion of the high end frequencies, and gives them enough definition. Overall this loudspeaker is pretty compact and light for the power output it offers.

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One of the best things about the Mackie SRM350 V2 is its active nature. Not having to worry about pairing the right amp with this loudspeaker means that it’s more or less a plug and play piece of gear. The sound is pretty powerful and offers enough quality for semi professional use. You can cover a venue of decent size with a set of these loudspeakers, despite their compact form factor.

A good set of loudspeakersIn terms of durability, there have been some issues. Mackie’s quality control is not really something this company is known for. With that said, instances of these loudspeakers breaking down are not that common.

However, this has happened a few times too many. Does this make the Mackie SRM350 V2 a bad choice? Not necessarily. The main advantage of this loudspeaker is the price to performance ratio it offers.

It’s a pretty capable setup for the money you are asked to pay. This is exactly what a lot of users are looking for.


  What we like

Mackie SRM350 V2 offers a pretty good performance considering the price range. Its active nature is a big plus, especially for those who don’t want to mess with amps and just want a simple pair of loudspeakers to work with.


  What we don’t like

It appears that some faulty units have gone past Mackies quality control in the past. It’s not that this speaker will break down on you, but you need to be careful and closely inspect it just in case.

To summarize

Mackie once again showed why they are the master of entry level and mid level audio equipment. Mackie SRM350 V2 is a great loudspeaker that offers some features you rarely find in this price range. It has enough potential to be used in for more serious applications, especially in smaller venues where you want a compact form factor but a lot of power.

If we disregard occasional quality control issues, Mackie SRM350 V2 can be a really good tool in your tool box. Whether or not you’d want to use these loudspeakers at home is up to you, but they actually do fit very well in that scenario.

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