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Lace Sensor Humbucker
A guitar will only sound as good as the sum of its parts. That is the general consensus.

One thing that a lot of guitar players like to do is swap the pickups for something that is more in line with their taste. This is a pretty controversial decision despite it being one of the most common types of guitar modding.

Without going into details, both sides have good arguments here, but that doesn’t mean that a guitar can’t reach a better level of performance with an aftermarket set of pickups.

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Speaking of which, there are numerous brands who produce a large variety of pickups for both guitars and bass guitars. Some are more popular than the others, but overall it is known who has the good stuff. Lace Sensor is one of those brands that not that widely known, but offers a great balance of price and performance.

Today we are going to take a look at one Lace Sensor humbucker, and try to figure out what this company is all about.


Sensor is a family of pickups that covers a long list of models. You can find a whole variety of single coils and humbuckers that offer different types of performance.

The one we are interested in today is the Lace Sensor Dually Blue/Gold. This particular model has been one of the most popular ones in the series. It brings a very interesting mix of sound that is not often seen elsewhere. Duallies come in a variety of different color combination, with each color representing a set of sonic traits.

Lace Sensor Dually Blue/Gold is a more conservative pickup, but one that works great on most setups.



The whole idea behind the Lace Sensor humbucker from the Dually range is to combine what are essentially two very noise free single coils into a humbucking pickup. This allows Lace to mix and match different sound properties of different single coils, and create awesome combinations that will bring you something new and exciting. That is the case with Lace Sensor Dually Blue/Gold.

This pickup features a design that allows you it to morph into a great humbucker if you need it to, but also be split into two pretty noiseless single coils.

One of the most popular from lace sensor

In terms of aesthetics, these humbuckers are nothing special. You are essentially getting a combination of two separately covered pickups that each have a black plastic cover, and each of those is inscribed with different color lettering that lets you know what model you are looking at.

Sound- Icon


When we start looking into their performance, things get a lot more interesting. The blue portion of the pickup offers a more modern sound that is akin to rock and alternative rock music.

The golden single coil is a lot more conservative in nature, and gives you a Clapton type blues tone. That is the type of sound you get from these when they are in split mode. In humbucking mode, the result is nice version of that vintage PAF tone with a bit of Johnny Winter sprinkled on top, but also a lot of definition.

When it comes to the genres of music you can play with this humbucker, you will probably want to avoid metal. Lace Sensor humbucker Dually Blue/Gold is a relatively low output pickup, so any significant amounts of gain will sound somewhat weak. With that said, there are far better choices in Lace’s line of pickups if that’s the tone you are after.


  What we like

Split coil mode combined with two great flavors of tone make this humbucker a great choice for an average blues/rock guitar player.


  What we don’t like

There is really nothing we can complain about when it comes to this particular pickup.

On the whole

As you can see, Lace knows how to offer some pretty interesting pickups.

The Lace Sensor humbucker we just talked about is definitely a great choice for those who want a more vintage tone. It combines two somewhat different flavors and the result is a great sound capable of supporting a wide range of classic genres.

Whether or not Lace is comparable to Seymour Duncan and other giants is up for debate, but their pickups are definite up there on the list.

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