Introducing Remofinger – The Future is Here!

A few decades ago, nobody could have imagined that a time would come when we could control everything by the touch of the finger. And now it is not just that.

Remofinger is currently the world’s most innovative and unique foot controller
that allows a user to take control over their apps whether on an iPhone, iPad or Android. These should apps that are specifically designed to work with Remofinger. So in other words, this device is attached to a spot that you ( as the user ) would like to click on the phone’s app.

Once the pedal is pressed ( using your foot ), the controller replicates the motion of your fingers. This way, it works just like the finger touch mechanism that you use to control your phone only that this time round you are using your foot to do the job.

But Why Remofinger?

foot controllerIt is easy to question the logic of wanting to control your phone with your foot especially in a day and age where we can even do so with gloved hands.

Nonetheless, this device would easily come in handy in situations where your hands are busy/pre-occupied with something else – say playing a musical instrument.

In such a situation, the Remofinger would act a ‘third hand’ by allowing you simultaneous control of your phone/tablet without ever having to pick it up.

Who is best suited for?


This outfit is best designed for guitar & bass players who rely on amps and effects from simulation apps e.g JampUp, GarageBand, AmpliTube, AmpKit, StompBox, and the likes to liven or spice up their performance.

In such a case, Remofinger can easily select presets, turn the StompBox off/on and stop and start recording your performance. And in case you have to manage a one-person show where you have to do everything by yourself, then this device could easily allow you to change the voice/tone of your instrument without much hassle.

More info? Check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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