Best Fingerstyle Guitar – Finding That Mellow Sound

Many acoustic brands are out there that commonly offer various good and bad traits.

Some offer very cheaply and low-quality price tag, while others appear to be highly expensive and customized.

And, of course, between the different kinds of cutaway, shape, wood, braces, strings, and finish – getting the best fingerstyle guitar is quite a potential headache.

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Taylor BBT Fingerstyle Guitar

This one is affordable and offers nice sound quality and also easy playability. Well, Taylor BBT lacks only some superb finish, but that is not a big problem. Also, the action itself is far simpler here than in the case of the other fingerstyle guitars. That means your own fingers got a quite easier job of time reaching.

So, Taylor brand describes this guitar as a perfect “travel companion” but this one is truly big like any other regular guitar. Also, it possesses a fine signature kind of arched back that is able to strengthen this guitar. It also got the layered type of wood that prevents any problem that may arise from various changes in humidity or temperature.



The guitar body form is a great dreadnought 15/16th type of scale cutaway. Also, there is an absence of the top wood here, but there is a truly beautiful layered kind of bracing pattern.

The very solid spruce top type of soundboard really helps to completely create the very rich sound. And, the guitar neck nicely attaches to instruments body, which means it often helps your fingers in reaching of the very high register, and that is the perfect thing for the beginners.

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No matter that there is a lack of nice finish here, it is truly purposely like this. You can’t acquire a great sound in the case that your instrument is got with hard and thick polyurethane in its finish.

Also, you can really find those instruments that are cheap among another brand, so I guarantee that you will not be disappointed at all because this one is highly compatible and superb fingerstyle guitar.

Fender CD-60 Fingerstyle Guitar

From the aesthetical point of view, this one is a pretty good looking instrument. Made from laminated mahogany, and also with the scalloped type of X-bracing, well that’s something.

With a great built in tuner, I can say that it’s easy to precisely adjust the volume and tone. The nice cutaway body gives a comfortable feel during various playing positions.



This guitar comes with some hard case, and you can really be sure that it won’t collapse. The fine all-mahogany neck and body produce a unique tone that is far above any type of competition.

A well-compensated bridge and nice tuning technology also create the high-quality type of intonation, and the overall design of this one is truly admirable.

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This one has a very rich sound that can be comparable to some other quality acoustic guitar brands like, for example, Martin. This guitar is able to project a fine sound while it is still able to have an outstanding sound quality.

Also, the all-mahogany form of the body is able to create a superb subdued timbre, and that’s better than everything in many other guitars.

Washburn WD7S Fingerstyle Guitar

This great fingerstyle guitar got some nice dreadnought style and also high-quality mahogany sides and guitar back. Also, its rosewood fretboard is the real thing. The single negative trait here are those cheaply made guitar tuning heads.

Nevertheless, this guitar is like a vine, which means it’s even better with the greater passing of the time.



It’s quite a low action, and that are great news if you are the beginner. Also, it has more than the solid type of spruce top, not to mention its body style. The fine matte and gloss finish is pretty cosmetically, and also helps to protect and preserve the guitar, and the neck possesses a very fine scale.

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This one noticeably offers the great sound. Very soft and pretty mellow tones that somehow produce a considerably loud sound, and all of that from a very minimal effort.

Very clear and sharp tones always stay intact, so they don’t lose even a minimal amount of their fine integrity.


There are no doubts that the best fingerstyle guitar must be some with the mellow sound, but also a durable and strong body. All guitars on this list got truly all those solid characteristics that are required for the fingerstyle guitarists of all types.

So, make some use from this text if you want the best option as a player.

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