What is The Best Guitar Brand? Battle Of The Giants

Fender brand logoGuitars, just like any other product that has an established and very competitive market, has various fan factions and groups.

We are going to try and answer a very hard question for you. What is the best guitar brand?

This is a controversial topic to say the least, but no matter how much some people love a certain brand, some guitars manufacturers are simply better than other.

Figuring out the answer for this question will require us to go over different types of guitars, and see who has the best models, and who has the best technology at the moment.

There are a lot of guitar brands out there, some offer great instruments, others not so much. It’s our job today to sift through them and see who is left.

Battle Of The Giants

Okay, right off the bat we are going say a truth that a lot of people refuse to believe. There isn’t a single best guitar brand. There just isn’t, and anyone who tells you anything other than this is simply lying. Look at it this way, different guitar brands make different types of guitars that are meant for, you guessed it, different things.

So how do you put all of these instruments with their unique characteristics in the same category? You don’t. With that said, there are several guitar brands that can be considered the best in what they do.

We are going to talk about electric guitars first. Here things are pretty simple. When someone asks you who the best electric guitar manufacturers are, there are two names that need to be mentioned before you go any further down the list.

You have Gibson in one corner, and Fender in the other.

These two brands make guitars that are completely different in nature and the sound they offer. Gibson’s range usually suits anything from blues to heavier genres of metal, while Fender goes from jazz, blues and pretty much hits the ceiling right around hard rock.

 taylor ps12ceIf these two brands would one day merge, that mega brand could easily be called the best guitar brand in the world. However, that is not the case so we have to share that title between these two guitar industry giants. What comes after Gibson and Fender depends on your own taste.

Some will argue that PRS is right up there at the moment, while others will be quick to point out their favorite guitar manufacturer. The fact of the matter is that Gibson and Fender are one of the oldest, and definitely the most influential brands in the business. Everything else is either derived from designs these two giants came up with, or was created under the influence of said manufacturers.

The situation is pretty much the same when we talk about acoustic guitars as well. You have two giants fighting mercilessly to conquer the throne. Martin guitars and Taylor guitars are the two heavy hitters when it comes to acoustics.

The rivalry is similar to that of Gibson and Fender, while both of these companies deliver some of the best and finest acoustic guitars. There are other players in the game too. Brands like Seagull are slowly creeping up the ladder. This Canadian based manufacturer offers hand built guitars made using some of the finest materials for a ridiculously cheap price.

Chances are that you will see them reach the level where Taylor and Martin reside in less than a decade.

On the whole

Asking the question ‘What is the best guitar brand’ is like asking an architect which type of building material is the best. You can’t make skyscrapers from plywood, and you definitely don’t want to make suburb houses from concrete. Every guitar is a tool that is designed for a specific job.

Guitars that are jacks of all trades never really do anything all that good. Instead of bothering yourself with who the best guitar manufacturer is, and being blindly loyal to a certain brand, you should do your best to find a guitar that best suits your needs.

Don’t let the prestige of certain brands fool you. If you want to play technical death metal, the most expensive Fender Stratocaster is not the tool you need for that job.

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