Beginner Guitar Chords Chart – The Essential First Steps

You have to start from somewhere if you need to learn the first steps in guitar playing, right?

Well, learning basic chords and also strumming some easy songs may appear to be the beginning of this.

So, here is the beginner guitar chords chart that will clarify some first moves that you’ll go to make.

The guitar chords are that basic building material for all those songs, and they provide you with the basic harmony. That means that the basic strumming delivers that important rhythm.

Together they can accompany some backing for someone singing voice, and that is the real beauty of it.

Basic Chords

Firstly C – then A – G – then E – D – and then Am – Em – and finally Dm – those are eight basic guitar chords that you must know. For example, you can easily memorize those first 5 chords if you remember simple word “CAGED”. Well, with these alone you will be able to play some endless amounts of various songs.

Basic Examples In Songs

Some songs like, for example, “You’re beautiful”, made by James Blunt, or “Rape me” by Nirvana can always be performed with no more than 4 basic chords. But, some other songs are, for example, in some different key but also you could fix this with something that helps to perform it in some appropriate key.

The Start Of Something Bigger

Those basic open chords are sometimes the true and real starting point with the components that lead to more advanced kinds of chords that are able to follow to something bigger. For, example – barre chords, because they are made from those open

What Is The Best Way To Learn This?

The greatest way to practice these basics is to really apply them to some songs. Then you will be able to get it sooner.

Start with some three chord kinds of songs. And, then later, when and if you feel a little more comfortable during switching and playing, then you can continue to try four chord kinds of songs, five chords, etc.

These basic chords for guitar are always used in many thousands of tracks. Because they appear to be very moveable and easy, you can really use them from any key. So, you will be able to quickly master them, and that will prove to be a useful way to improve your guitar playing skills.

Useful Tips:

– Press those guitar strings with your fingertips, and try to overcome a small amount of pain in them.

– Be able to bend completely three knuckles.

– Press those strings nice and hard enough.

– Be sure your own fingers are really as near to this fret as it could be possible.

– Be sure that if you try to press a guitar string, then make sure that your finger is surely not touching or muting that string below.

Rest your own thumb right on that guitars back, and of its neck. Well, not on guitars top, obviously.

– Also, check each of those strings, and you will be able to see the notes that will sound clean, nice and clear.

You must learn to nicely switch between different chords.

Start you practicing, and begin with three chords kinds of songs. Later do four chord tracks.

Be able to practice your guitar chords daily. Check out this list of pocket guitars for a great way to practice chords on the go.

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