D Minor Chord Progression – Entering The Darker Side

This is one of the widely used chord progressions. D minor chord progression comes with the dark reputation.

It is the part or a basic principle many mesmerizing songs that can strike a deep mark in the players and audiences souls.

Here, we will talk about major traits of this progression, and also present some valuable examples of the different D minor music hits.


The regular chords in that D minor key are, firstly D minor, then E diminished, after that F major than G minor then A minor, also Bb major, finishing lastly with C major. The core basics of D minor shape of the chord can be easily moved down and up the neck of the acoustic or electric guitar.

So, that is in case that right-hand strikes only those three of the highest strings. Because if you move just one fret up, D minor than becomes quite different D# minor. Move it up some two frets and it becomes yet more different E minor, or else. In this way, you will add great variety to the guitar sound.

Additional information

Music theory possesses such a nice logic because various keys and chords can be quite easily transposed. So, it is wise to you uses this fine knowledge, and also your budding parts of the music theory knowledge.

That’s in case that you want to smoothly figure out some new and nice chord positions by yourself.
A seemingly fragile but truly strong D minor kind of progression, therefore, really needs to create some tonic chords that are less obvious. Some very fragile progression must sound as very though. So, there could be three or two different possibilities in case of a tonic chord, and that can exactly be right in this D minor progression.

Well known D minor progression songs examples in different music genres

1. Killing in the name of – Rage Against the Machine

Revolting, aggressive, and impacting are both the lyrics and the melody of this famous Rage Against the Machine’s song. There are no doubts that this one starts with an explosion, so it’s a little weird that it is a D minor type of the song. Easy to quickly learn, and even more easy to understand is this great, and meaningful track from the 90’s.

2. Santana – Black Magic Woman

Genius Latino guitarist Carlos Santana made a great impact with his rich and original guitar sound. The particular example of this is a track full of seductive energy and magic. So, this one completely proves that D minor progression and key kinds of songs are fully mesmerizing, captivating and addictive for the many multitudes of players.

3. Beyonce – Crazy In Love

One of the famous Beyonce’s track is quite easygoing, but extremely energetic too. There is a great amount of power in this song. So, this is yet another proof of that D minor thing that looks like it’s so fragile on the surface, but on the inside, it is the real deal.

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