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Bass pedals provide an unlimited tonal choice from basic compressions to experimental modulations as well as synth sounds. The right bass pedal adds unimaginable versatility to your bass rig or bass sound.

Finding the right bass pedal can be an uphill task with all the brands, models, technical components, and user reviews to go through—and that’s why we have come up with this in-depth round-up of the best bass pedals reviews. There are so many things to look out of when you are looking for the best effect pedals. The most important of these is the kind of effect you want.

The Best Bass Pedal

If you don’t have time to read all of our reviews, our top pick is the Boss TU3 because it is an intuitive little monster. It offers support for both a seven-string guitar and a six-string bass guitar. It is a reliable and aesthetically pleasing bass pedal for any environment, whether concert or just jamming at home, making it a good fit for most musicians.

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Bass Effect Pedal Reviews

Boss TU3

Boss TU3 is built on top of the success of its predecessor the TU2. It is housed in a durable Boss stompbox body with a 21-segment LED featuring a high-brightness capability, which can handle outside glare. It is our pick for the best bass effects pedal.

Key Features

  • High-brightness increases the visibility of meters outdoors
  • 21-segment LED meter that supports brightness control
  • Accu-pitch sign function with visual verification to notify when tuning is done
  • Accurate to +/- one cent
  • Chromatic and bass/guitar mode which connects to six-string basses and seven-string guitars
  • Guitar flat mode supports flat tuning for up to six semitones lower than standard pitch
  • Tuner mutes off automatically when is turned on
  • Powers multiple compact effect pedals

What I like

The Boss TU3 bass pedal has a remarkable display with antiglare that works both day and night with fantastic results. It also has an unbelievable accuracy with minimal margin for error. Compared to its older counterpart, the TU2, the TU3 works even better in live situations.

The Boss TU3 allows you to correct your tune on the fly with zero wait time.

What I don’t like

There’s very little not to like about the Boss TU3, and while not necessarily a con for some players, this unit does not have true bypass.


  • Reliable bass pedal
  • Improved accuracy
  • Affordable
  • High brightness display


  • Doesn’t have true bypass

The TU-3 is without a doubt the swiss army knife of any modern bass guitarist. It guarantees you superb performance day after day without a hitch. It works best for both professional and experimental use.

Overall Score: 4.6/5


Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi

This pedal is a trusty version of EHX’s classic bass fuzz effect with upgrades for the modern bass player.

Key Features

  • Switchable 0dB/-10dB input provides compatibility with both passive and active pickups
  • Blend control lets you mix the direct and distorted signal
  • Has an interchangeable three outputs: a 1/4″ effect out, a 1/4″ direct (buffered dry) out, and an XLR DI out
  • Take control of your sound with the foot-switchable crossover section that includes an adjustable lowpass filter for the dry signal and a high-pass filter on the distorted signal
  • Regulate unwanted noise at any level with the built-in noise gate

What I like

Unlike the classic big muff pi, this more modern model includes extra knobs to control the sound shape. It still delivers the trusted big muff pi sound but with a touch of modernity.

With the Mid EQ, you can shape the tone of the Big Muff distortion splendidly. The CATE function, on the other hand, provides blasts of fuzz when you play and silence when you don’t. The bass boost is lovely when you turn on the treble.

What I don’t like

The new control attack is a bit harsh, and the short release time on the noise gate can lead to abrupt cutoffs. This pedal also doesn’t come with a power cable and drains batteries pretty fast. Worse, the batteries are kind of a pain to change, requiring a screwdriver.


  • Has a true global bypass
  • The noise gate is excellent for controlling buzzing and hum


  • New control attack has a harsh ring to it
  • Battery compart is locked away by four screw
  • Noise gate a short release time that causes abrupt cutoffs

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff has an incredible muff tone that you will fall in love with. It has a mix of handy knobs as well that you can use to control the effects as well as solid build that will last for years.

Overall Score: 4.3/5


EarthQuaker Spatial Delivery V2

EarthQuaker Spatial Delivery V2 is a beautiful enveloper filter that offers a simple but powerful way of spicing up your bass playing with up sweeps and down sweeps, and sample and hold. It’s one of the reasons why it had to feature in our best bass pedals.

Key Features

  • Voice Switch to index through up, down, and sample and hold
  • Range knob: In up/down modes, this controls the width of the envelope, and its sensitivity to pick attack. In sample and hold, it controls the speed of the voltage changes
  • Filter knob that crossfades between high-pass and lowpass frequencies
  • Resonance knob to control the amount of filter feedback
  • Soft-touch switch
  • True bypass
  • Small form factor

What I like

EarthQuaker Spatial Delivery V2 has a simple and intuitive design that is straight-forward but powerful to use. It has three modes: down sweep, upsweep, and sample and hold. Powered by a battery and a 9v negative adaptor, it delivers a very sweet envelope filter.

EarthQuaker Spatial Delivery V2 comes alive when paired with other specific filter pedals.

What I don’t like

While once you get this pedal where you want it, it’s a powerhouse, it can take a little bit to get the hang of and dial in that sound you’re looking for.


  • Great tones
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Great price
  • True bypass


  • Takes a while to dial in
  • Has very high output

EarthQuaker Spatial Delivery V2 gives you more flexibility compared to other pedals of the same size. Its filter knob adds more level of control compared to its contemporaries. It is a fun and sturdy little box that will improve your playing.

Overall Score: 4.2/5


Dunlop MXR M288

This model is another great tool for guitar lovers, as is the case with other pedals in our best bass effects pedals review. It is a dual-voice pedal, which offers analog tone and true bypass.

Key Features

  • Dual-voice octave pedal
  • True bypass
  • Girth controls low-frequency octave-below tone
  • Dry mix knob
  • Mid+ switch delivers 15dB of mids at 400Hz to 800Hz
  • Growl controls for midrange, octave, or below control
  • Analog tone
  • Powered by 9V battery or 9V power supply

What I like

With Dunlop MXR M288, you get two separate analog sub-octave voices that have dry control in addition to a Mid+ switch that comes handy in optimizing the sound of a clean signal.

This model comes with three knobs: dry, girth, and growl. The dry knob controls the level of your original signal. On the other hand, the growl knob controls the level of the octave below, while the girth knob controls another lower but softer octave level.

What I don’t like

While not a flaw unique to this model, the battery requires a screw to change and does not come with the unit. You’ll need to purchase either a 9V battery or 9V power supply to use this.


  • Has a great sound
  • Very versatile
  • Has an impressive tracking
  • Premium build quality
  • Good value for money


  • The battery is hidden away behind four screws
  • No power supply or batter included

Dunlop MXR M288 has a nice girth and growl. It is well built with a simple but stylish design that works well in all conditions. It has an extra kick and clarity that is almost unmatched by other bass pedals in its category.

Overall Score: 4.1/5


Zoom B3n

Zoom B3n is a multi-effects processor that will change your outlook on bass pedals. It has so many options that allow you to customize and tweak your sound without putting a lot of effort into it.

Key Features

  • Supports chaining of seven effects simultaneously
  • Contains 67 high-quality stomp box DSP effects
  • Three stomp box switches enable users to bring out effects
  • Stereo looper supports phrase recording for 80 seconds
  • Five new amp and cabinet emulators
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns are perfectly combinable with the looper

What I like

First, the build quality is nothing short of amazing. It features a sturdy exterior that will take some serious punishment before showing any signs of breaking. It includes a record 67 stompbox patches and 68 factory rhythms that you can use when you are jamming.

I love the free guitar lab software that ships with it which you can use to create your own B3n presets.

What I don’t like

This pedal doesn’t play so well with others—pedals that is—which could be an issue if you prefer work with multiple pedal effects. It isn’t compatible with USB recording devices.


  • Offers a great variety of DSP effects
  • Easy to tweak sound on the go
  • Has onboard an inbuilt tuner


  • Doesn’t have an XLR DI out or support USB recording
  • Is not compatible with all expression pedals

Zoom B3n is one of the most versatile bass pedals out there—so long as you only want to use one pedal. It is simple enough for the beginner and powerful at the same time for the professional guitar player.

Overall Score: 4.5/5


MXR M108s 10 Band Graphic EQ

MXR M108s 10 Band Graphic EQ is one of the easiest and most convenient ways you can fine tune your sound. It has a reliable build quality designed to take you from your studio to live outdoor concerts without any problems.

Key Features

  • Cut or boost ten different frequencies
  • High visibility in direct sunlight because of LEDs
  • True bypass switching
  • Has an increased headroom from 18-volt operation
  • Supports two separate signal chains in the two outputs
  • Low noise floor

What I like

The MXR M108s ten Band EQ gives you more precision over your bass sound. It has a record ten EG sliders with pre-selected frequencies that you can use to customize your sound at studio recording sessions. Its backlit sliders are clearly visible any time of day or night. With the dual outputs, you can use two amplifiers at the same time.

What I don’t like

This pedal is not for beginners and takes a bit of research and practice to use to its full potential. Of course, once you figure it out,this is one of the best bass pedals around.


  • Has a sturdy build with an aluminum shell
  • True bypass
  • Has two separate output channels
  • Bright LEDs


  • Has a high learning curve
  • Sliders have the potential to get damaged

Whether you are running it by itself or with a chain of pedals, the 18-volt operation gives you all the headroom you need. This is a powerful EQ that offers reliability and unlimited customization possibilities.

Overall Score: 4.5/5


Best Bass Pedal Buying Guide

For any beginner bass player, there are so many bass effect pedals out there to choose from. Without our best bass pedal reviews, it would be an uphill task finding the best bass effects pedals for you. Depending on the kind of effect and environment you are playing, the following are some of the key features you should look out for.

Analog vs. Digital Effects

With analog effects, the pedals work by directly manipulating the sound. This method was popular, especially in the ’80s, when the effects came about. However, there are still so many music purists that prefer an analog effect over digital. For the digital effects, these work by converting the input sound into digital bitstreams, which are manipulated digitally, and then switched back to an analog output.

While purists will prefer the unadulterated sound of analog effects, technology has progressed that you will hardly notice the difference. Digital effects are also quite versatile, allowing you to choose many effects through a single unit.


These are digital effects that re-create the sounds of different bass effects, instruments, and amps. It uses digital technology to give one unit the tonal characteristics of different basses. It is a versatile tool that gives you so many options when you are on stage. With improved technology, you will hardly know the difference between them and the original sounds.


Presents are an invaluable addition to your playing. They allow you to adapt a new sound quickly and offers you more versatility. You can easily add your own presets to the factory ones and use them at the touch of a button.

EQ Effects

Equalization (EQ) effects are made by altering certain frequency bands within the sound signal. They work by changing the timbre or sound quality rather than altering the pitch. While most bass guitars come with EQ options, EQ effects from bass pedals offer more precise control.

Overdrive and Distortion Effects

Distortion effects allow for extended sustain out of each note. One of the best things about distortion is that it creates a chunkier sound that is especially great for soloing. Overdrive, on the other hand, is a toned-down version of a distortion effect. They can be used together or separately, depending on your preference.

Pitch-Shift Effects

Pitch-Shift effects work by adding a note above or below the note you are playing. It is a fun and enjoyable way to add more depth and flavor to your notes. With advanced technology, modern pitch-shifting effects are designed in a way that works harmoniously with the original.

Modulation Effects

Modulation effects create a duplicate of your fundamental signal, which is then modified and blended with the original to create a modulated sound. It is a very common in among bass guitarist today. Many guitar sounds use it.

Harmony Effects

Harmony pedals are primarily used to create vocal harmonies. However, they are great for bass as well. When used properly, they can dramatically add richness to your sound.

Time-based Effects

These work by dividing the guitar sound in two and holding back one while the original is playing. The two sounds are then mixed at the output. You can choose how long you want the delay and the amount of signal to be affected.

Sound Conditioning effects

Unlike other effects that drastically change your sound, sound conditioning effects add a rather subtle element to your signal for a rather refreshing sound.

The right pedal for depends on the kind of effect you are looking for and the level of playing you have reached.

Final Thoughts

Our review of the best bass pedals has considered a lot of options for different effects, prices, and of course, the recommendation by experts. We have brought you the best bass effect pedals on the market; it’s up to you to choose the best one for you.

If you are starting, there are a lot of options you can explore to spice up your bass playing. Pick any bass pedal from our list and see what works for you. For the experienced bass player, you can try new sounds and effects and blow away your audience during your next gig.

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