B sharp chord, All you need to know about it

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B-sharp can be described as a theoretical type of key than any other key you will come across during your practices.

Well, it is certainly more likely and typical that various music will be surely written in some other chords like C major.

That’s because C major is the real enharmonic equivalent when it comes to the B sharp chord.

Regardless, if you want to write some stuff in the B-sharp chord you will truly find twelve different sharpened notes very important. To describe this in other way is to use some double sharps. Because on the contrary C major is truly straightforward, comparing to the B sharp.

Basic traits

Well, you can easily examine that there is a clear overlap when someone uses sharp notes. So, generally, you must try and create your music as smooth as possible for the real understanding.

For example, writing in some Ab major (with 4 flats), and no in G# major (with 8 sharps) is recommended or also writing conversely in B major (sharps) rather than in some flats.

B sharp is one of the more important chords for the guitar than for the piano. It appears in some extremes of sad and romantic 20th-century genres of music. It is usually widely used to truly stick to some firm rules of music theory rather than affording it easiest to perform.

Does this chord truly exists – well, not really. Because, unlike some C or G# major chords it is really far removed, and you can only somewhat imagine that it can be used for writing of some contemporary pieces of classical music, and only when an experienced composer truly believes the real musical outputs of the performers.

Example of the B sharp song – Billie Jean

The true example of the B sharp song is the Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, which has been based on the real life experience. This song left a great legacy as a great and clean funky track.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaI6p1Mc3wo” width=”440″ height=”260″][/su_youtube]

Its message is really blunt and has mournful and sad, but also some strong underlines.

The song truly was at the time one extremely sonically eccentric, downright bizarre, and psychologically fraught songs. And it is known that it was also pretty stark, with pulsing bass and whip-crack type of downbeat.billy jean b sharp

Its theme is the impacting and dynamic nervous breakdown from the beginning until the very end.

Do you really need this chord?

You will maybe notice that in your first years of learning play guitar you will probably avoid any kind of song that possesses the B sharp chord. And, after some time and greater collections of tracks that you want to learn you will overcome this possible issue.

Because there are simple lessons that will enable even some brand-new rookie to play any kind of song that possesses a B sharp chord.

Guitar finger positions

If you count among the brand-new rookies I warmly recommend you that you stick with some classic first B sharp chord guitar position of the fingers which can be fairly or relatively easy for the guitar play.

b sharp chord finger positionAnd if you are a more advanced player than this is not so important. Because it’s not really the easiest way but it truly sounds quite good. And, when you often practice a regular form of this chord you’ll definitely also be able to prepare yourself for any other minors or majors in your near future. Also, all three types of this chord are movable types of chords.

And, it really means that you will move this chord back and forth and down and up the neck of the guitar and make some new chords. That means, by continuous moving the B sharp chord up only one fret it becomes another C one. So, B sharp can be easily changed into another type of chord.

In closing

This chord is not very often the one who is good for the beginning of the song, but there are opposite examples. And, it is not the easiest to learn first either, regardless on which instrument do you perform.

With time and much practice, you will be able to go into the depth of making music using this chord.

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