Top 10 Bizarre Guitars You Won’t Believe Exist

More often than not in the music scene, people remember the artist and not the instrument. However, the ten bizarre guitars below are undoubtedly more interesting and possibly more famous than the superstars who played them.

They have landed a spot on this list due to different reasons including unusual design, unusual sound quality or some bizarre piece of history linked to them.

So without further ado, below are the top 10 most bizarre guitars you won’t believe exist.

Most bizarre guitars infographic1) Steve Vai’s Ultrazone Guitar models

Ultrazone guitar models from the Emerald Guitars look like they came straight out of a Sci-Fi comic with their weird alien-like appearance.

However, it is not this appearance that landed Steve Vai’s guitar on our list.

The interesting thing is that this legendary artist paid for his Ultrazone piece with a single jar of honey from his farm. Yep. Let that sink in.

2) The guitar-keyboard-drum-machine

guitar keyboard drum machineThis 19 pound beast of an instrument is a guitar, keyboard and drum in all present on one instrument.

This bizarre creation belongs to one Will Yakowicz.

It is not exactly easy on the eyes but when played by an expert like the owner gives a proper show on its own

3) The Double Guitar

Double Guitar imageHow does one play a double ended guitar?

Well by tapping and plucking of course.

This bizarre guitar design is not one accepted by many but for those like Michael Angelo Batio who have embraced them; it is an art form like no other.

4) Double necked guitars

Double necked guitars
These are becoming more and more popular among rock stars for the versatility and improved range that they offer.


5) Harp Guitars

combines a guitar and a harpAs the name suggests, this design combines a guitar and a harp in a sort of double-necked guitar fashion.

It is a great way to combine different genres for an amazing musical effect.

6) The love heart guitar

love heart guitarThis triple fret board beauty is definitely deserving of the title bizarre. I’m not even sure it is possible to play it.

7) The mermaid guitar

The mermaid guitarThis is another one of those weird guitars that you look at and wonder just how people play it.

It features an actual life sized mermaid torso for the guitar’s body. It might not be the most practical of options but it gets props for appearance.

8) Jimi Hendrix’s, 1968 Fender Strat

This list would not be complete without mentioning one of the most expensive guitars in history.

Jimi Hendrix’s, 1968 Fender StratThis electric beauty sold for two million US dollars making it one of the most expensive acoustic instruments to be sold at auction.

9) The oldest guitar in the world

400 year old guitarThe funny thing with this one is that it doesn’t exactly have a nickname.

However, this bizarre 400 year old instrument is a great representation of the history and etiology of modern guitars.


10) The world’s smallest guitar

world’s smallest guitar, 10 micrometers longTo say that this guitar is small would be a gross understatement. I mean the thing is only 10 micrometers long.

It was created in a tech lab in Cornell University.


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