Red Hooded Sweatshirt – How To Play

Sandler playing guitarSaturday Nigh Live has been the corner stone of the cable television comedy for decades now. A lot of famous comedians have been a part of this show, including Adam Sandler.

As you probably know, Sandler has a very unique style of comedy that is sometimes a bit extreme. As a matter of fact, he takes things so far sometimes that ‘Sandler style‘ became an unofficial term for his gimmicks.

His involvement with SNL has produced several great skits over the years. One of the most memorable ones is the Valentine’s Day Song. In this skit Sandler is plays a song about his comfy red hooded sweatshirt. Today we are going to show you how to play this song.

How to play

If there’s one thing we can take away from this skit, it is that Sandler can’t sing to save his life. Sure, it was probably a loaded performance, and he might have exaggerated his inability to sing, but those piercing false notes are something that is hard to forget.

From an instrumental point of view, Red Hooded Sweatshirt, or Valentine’s Day Song as it is also known, is pretty simple.

The whole thing consists of only four chords, and those chords are C-Am-F-G. It’s definitely not the most complex song in the world, however considering it was written for a skit, and was played by Sandler, it’s not all that surprising.

After all, the intention was for the audience to focus on the hilarious lyrics and singing style of Adam Sandler, rather than his guitar playing skills. If you are certain you have heard this same chord progression somewhere else, it’s because there are at least four more pretty popular songs that feature this very same chord configuration.

First one that comes to mind is ‘D’yer Maker’ by Led Zeppelin.
Adam Sandler Sings Red Hooded SweatshirtThe chord progression we have mentioned earlier applies to almost every element of the song.
The all verses and choruses included. The only variation is the bridge. [su_highlight background=”#e8ff99″]Instead of C-Am-F-G, you have F-G-C-Am-F-G[/su_highlight]. As you can see, it’s just a partially looped verse.

Only thing that you need to know aside from these chords we have just mentioned, is the strumming pattern. At the beginning of the song, Sandler arepggiates the chords with the intention of creating a build up to the for the first chorus.

Once the verse is done and chorus begins, the strumming pattern he uses is down-down-up-up-down-up. With that said, adding your own variation would probably be a good thing to do seeing how this is definitely not an optimal strumming pattern for this song.

When it comes to singing, it’s safe to say that trying to replicate Sandlers performance is something you might not want to do. Not only does it sound horrible, but it’s not healthy as well.

Funny thing about this song is that it can actually sound pretty decent when performed by someone with even a hint of talent, who is serious about the whole thing.

The original was a part of an SNL skit, so we can’t really blame Adam Sandler for goofing around a little, but that doesn’t mean that this song can’t be performed in a way that won’t make the neighbor’s kids cry.

In closing

Saturday Night Live is one of the favorite TV shows of today. It has given us some of the most popular comedy skits, and several songs as well. Who could forget their rendition of Don’t Fear The Reaper with the whole cowbell thing.

Red Hooded Sweatshirt is just another notable performance. On a side note, it’s one of the rare original compositions that were never meant to be something people would actually want to listen to outside SNL, but that is what happened. Adam Sandler’s performance is partially to blame.

His hilarious singing style made this song somewhat famous, prompting a whole bunch of guitar players to create their own versions, some of which are pretty great. In all seriousness, this one of the easiest songs you can learn how to play.

It’s one of those things that could make a few people laugh in a social setting, all while requiring a very small amount of effort to learn.

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