Zildjian 5B Nylons Red Drumsticks

A pair of Zildjian 5B Red DrumsticksZildjian is a huge name in the drum world.

Their cymbals are among the best on the market, and have been so for a very long period of time. This not only established a great reputation for Zildjian but it also allowed them to expand their line of products in all directions.

One thing they have started producing a long time ago were drum sticks. If you think about it, this is the least expensive product line they could have started. The profit margins are great and drum sticks will always be in high demand.

The trick was to offer something that was not already available on the market, or at least give an existing concept a new spin. Enter Zildjian 5B Nylons – a set of red drumsticks that bring a different type of sound and reliability that every drummer needs.

Today we are going to review these and see whether or not they are worth the price we are asked to pay for them.

Reliable set of drumsticks

No matter how good of a balance a set of drumsticks have, or what kind of sound they create, none of that matters if they shatter during the first practice session. A good set of drumsticks needs to sound good and last for a while at the same time. Believe it or not, that is not an easy thing to make.

Modern drumsticks are still made of wood as no artificial material can compete as of yet. That’s why it’s really important to have a brand make a reliable set of drumsticks that you know you can rely on.



Zildjian 5B Nylons are known around the world as “red drumsticks” that last long. Zildjian took the hint and decided to paint their drumsticks in different colors because that gave them a visual effect necessary to get ahead of the competition.

The wood they chose for this set is hickory, a very common choice but one that makes for a well balanced drumstick. The diameter of is 0.6 inches while the length is 16 inches. This puts the Zildjian 5B Nylons within the medium size category. The tip is a nylon design that sports a teardrop shape.
nylon design drumsticks that sports a teardrop shape

Aesthetically, these are by far some of the most beautiful drumsticks you can get. The blood red color combined with white tip and white Zildjian logo really add to a very good looking pair of drumsticks. Not that appearances matter too much at the end of the day, but some drummer still factor in this criteria.

Sound- Icon


Good balance is the defining point of Zildjian 5B Nylons. The diameter and length are just perfect for most drummers out there. Red drumsticks have become a sign of durability over time, which is rooted in the fact that these can take a lot of abuse before giving in.

You can go as hard as you need on those cymbals and still have your drumsticks alive at the end of the day. Nylon tip results in a softer sound that isn’t as sharp, but also doesn’t lack hardness and velocity.


  What we like

There are two great things about these drumsticks. First and foremost, the performance is spot on, especially if you prefer a softer tip. The dimensions are just right, resulting in a very well balanced drumstick.

On the other hand, these are some of the most attractive drumsticks you can find on the market. That red color definitely adds a layer of aesthetics that most other drumsticks lack.


  What we don’t like

The only issue with Zildjian’s Red Drumsticks is the fact that these sometimes come with faulty tips. Zildjian’s quality control is usually great, but there have been some instances where tips on these drumsticks contained air bubbles.

In sum

Overall, Zildjian 5B Nylons are great for anyone looking to get more reliability. These red drumsticks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also back that appearance with a great performance.

Whether you are gigging often, or just looking for a good practice set, these sticks are something you should definitely consider next time you need to get drumsticks.

Actually, it is probably better that you check them out before that moment comes.

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