PSB 120 Review – Reliable Power on Demand

psb 120Ever since musical instruments started relying on electricity to work, one major issue became apparent.

How do you feed your instrument with power in a reliable way?

Power supplies are one of those things not many people think about. In most cases, you will just get whatever you can, or simply use what came with the instrument you are playing. The truth is that not every power supply or power adapter is created equal. If you are using Roland products, there is only one option you should even consider in this regard.

Roland has a wide range of digital instruments which all rely on electricity to work. This means that a good power supply is essential, especially considering the price of some of these instruments.

That is why Roland builds and delivers their own adapters with the majority of their products. This way, you know you have what the manufacturer has intended for you to use in order to keep the your instruments healthy.

PSB 120 is the latest power adapter that Roland uses, and today we are going to briefly talk about…

Why you need to have this model if you play Roland instruments.

Many people will tell you that you can use just about any kind of power supply or adapter as long as it meets the requirements of the instrument.

The main reason why this is often recommended is because these units cost a lot less than what the manufacturer recommends. When you look at it, the amount of money you save by going with third party products is marginal at best.

With that said, the risk you are exposed to when using these power adapters is pretty high. Meeting the power requirements of an instrument is just one factor in the whole thing. Build quality of the adapter itself is just as important.



When you get a PSB 120, you know that the components and wiring within this adapter is good enough to ensure complete safety of your instrument. One of the worst things that can happen to you is to use a third party product and have it malfunction in a way that damages the instrument you plugged it into.

Since these types of issues don’t fall under the warranty, you are left with a big expense that could have been easily prevented.
psb 120 reviewRoland’s PSB 120 is the only recommended power adapter to be used with Roland products. It’s designed in way which eliminates any risks of instrument damage, and gets the power your instrument needs in the most efficient way.

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The performance of PSB 120 is stable and consistent. That’s is all that really matters. Life span of these adapters is really long, so you don’t have to worry about it dying on you out of the blue. If that does happen by some odd chance, you should replace it with another original unit from Roland.


  What we like

Robust build and reliable operation are what this adapter is known for. If you have a Roland product, this is the adapter you definitely want to use.


  What we don’t like

There is nothing we can say is a flaw about the PSB 120. It simply works and gets the job done.


PSB 120 offers the type of build quality necessary if you want to have worry free performance. The power it delivers to the instrument is consistent and flat. If you decide to use another adapter built by a third party manufacturer, you are putting your instrument at risk for no good reason.

The amount of money you are saving by not using the recommended power adapter is minuscule compared to the potential damage

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