Guitar Fretboard Chart – The Basic Guitar Alphabet

What some people truly mean if they quote “must learn the guitar fretboard” is, in fact, memorize it with every note and on all frets with every string.

This sounds quite simple to some, but the truth is that guitar is not the piano, and it is not smart to simply learn every note, which means that this is not hard to learn either.

So, here we will present some crucial traits of the Guitar Fretboard Chart

So, you must start from somewhere, right? You must know at least a little of the music theory, and do you wonder why?

Well, you got many of dubious music experts in the world that only want to present this stuff as very hard and problematic, and that makes most of the people to will feel inadequate and quit, but you will not make their jobs easier.

The Musical Guitar Alphabet

There are exactly 12 notes for the playing from the A to the G#. When you want to play G# then you go completely back to note A, and only that starts the octave which is the next one.

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Also, this continues until that gets too high and then your own brain explodes, just kidding.

Why All Guitars are Tuned EADGBE

The right set up way of any guitar neck is always about all that notes which are within or under one fret and of being exactly under all hands four fingers.

So, take a good look at those following fretboard graphics. And in those first frets and also in those open strings there are exactly two octaves that contain all those musical alphabet notes.

So, go ahead, follow those arrows on the guitar and there you’ll really see what is my point. Folks have always been asking to have some full diagram with 24 frets. Well, after 12th fret, and starting on that 13th all those notes generally recur, so there is mostly no need for the full chart or diagram.

This chart that is presented shows all note names that are present in Anglo-Saxon kind of system, and without references to some specific octaves of those notes. Also, each of those strings is also subdivided into some chromatic scales, and scale is composed only of half-steps, so after those 12 pitches, classic fretboard scale always repeats itself.

How to Simplify This?

If you want to visualize this whole thing, then you need to simplify, so, then you must take a precise view of guitar fretboard, and with only some “white notes” presented on it. This exactly means that you have gone from some 12 to only 7 notes. And this also makes all of this much easier.

If you want to simplify further and if you really want to make sense, then you’ll probably have to remove string 2 and 1. Because by getting completely rid of those strings, well, you will surely notice that rest of these strings from 3 to 6 are simply identical to some classic bass guitar charts.

The main reason for this move is mostly simple. Because the bass tone layout is always symmetrical, so it is really some kind of subset of regular guitars layout, thus it’s really nice starting point. So, you’ll truly find it a way easier and better to create some music if you start out from there.


So, again, put chords, scales and also any other kinds of fingering patterns just on those four lowest guitar strings, and that will really make some sense for you. So, this will really ease some nasty possible confusion caused by some seemingly problematic absence of symmetry that you get if you are using all those 6 guitar strings.

This really gives you some additional advantages over some other inexperienced guitar beginners, and also you will inform yourself at the same time about those basics of the bass guitar.

So, guitar fretboard is the crucial part of your learning of the guitar music theory and this will also vastly improve your view of the instrument itself. I truly think that fretboard chart is a very important part of the first learning steps, and this will surely help you a lot.

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