Bm7 Guitar Chord – The Difficult One!

Students often hate the Bm7 guitar chord, and there are several causes of this!

It’s somewhat difficult to perform it and that’s because this chord is part of important guitar lessons!

A bm7 guitar chord is problematic for mastering because a ‘barre’ is often needed to precisely play this one in its regular form.

Basic traits

This pretty chord is named Bm7. That means it’s some very close variant of that Bm chord that really sounds nice and is also much easier for the learning than some standard type of B minor or similar chord. So, what is the easiest way to learn and perform this guitar chord?

As it was already mentioned, this one is tough chord for play. So, you’ll surely be no less than an intermediate type of player if you want to consistently play this one accurately and quickly. All those beginners really need much easier options, so it is wise to check that out!

I’m clearly not a great fan of those simpler versions of the Bm7 chord. But, surely, the B minor chord is simpler and also far easier for learn than notorious barred Bm7, but some beginner and lazy students still point to that chord is too difficult and tough, so I warmly recommend firstly some easier versions and forms of Bm.


“More than words” – Extreme

This song from the band Extreme is the pure example of the complexity of the Bm7. When you put this one in the right place, and at the right time of the song, then you got a wonderful melody that is equally complex and easy to remember.

So, the name of this song truly suits the changing of the guitar chords in it.

Do you need this chord?

Well, through endless daily repetition, you can very quickly progress and improve, so you will be eager to reach perfection in playing this chord. But, in the case that you wait too long then trying to acquire everything to reach perfection exactly before you start to play this chord, well, then you will surely fall into some type of the nasty “analysis paralysis” kind of trap.

If you don’t want to learn very slowly, then don’t make some mistakes like this.

But, you must also look everything from this perspective: In those longer-terms, you will be really able to nicely strum Bm7 or Bm chord, all that while in the same time skipping that 6th string. This is the truth but it’s very hard to accomplish quickly and is really beyond the greatest abilities of many beginner guitarists.

So, if you try to perform this at the beginning that is not a good idea. Because it really slows you totally down and also stunts the progress.

But, this guitar chord is very useful once you learn to play it and use it in the guitar song parts, so every effort is truly valuable and useful.

Finger positions for the Bm7 guitar chord

Firstly, don’t get really too eager about precise skipping of that 6th string. Because, it’s truly something that you should always work towards in the long run, but also you’ll initially figure out that this is very difficult thing to do. Well, that’s normal, and, regardless of the versions you want to choose it’s important for you that you don’t play that 6th string.

So, the first tone that is wise to hear here in some pure and very clean Bm is always the B note that is positioned on the guitars 5th string. This note is being played exactly by the performer’s 1st finger in most cases.

So, don’t be a fool and fall into some traps of spending countless hours on the line up of your pick, because it’s really much more crucial that you strum your guitar.


A bm7 guitar chord is still to some extent fiddly, just because it demands 3 fingers. On the other hand, it’s also simpler to memorize and to perform because those notes are right on the same guitar’s fret.

It all depends not only on your personal amount of guitar player experience, but also on your level of dedication, so, I wish you luck.

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