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A very capable trumpet

If you ever played brass instruments you probably know how each of the most popular ones rank in terms of difficulty. You also probably know that a trumpet is going to be near the top of that list.

Not only is it a hard instrument to master, but it is so unforgiving. Especially if you are trying to perform some more complicated compositions.

Trumpets haven’t changed much in the past several decades. The core concept is there, but manufacturers have been working day and night to give the player an edge, a way to increase the fidelity of the instrument.

[su_note note_color=”#fefec5″]Conn Vintage One trumpet is a perfect example when a brand succeeds in doing what we have just described.[/su_note]

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Conn designed and produced a very capable trumpet that delivers the type of sound necessary to satisfy even the most conservative players, all while boosting the reliability and playing comfort to another level.

Trumpet Overview

At this point, some of our readers are probably feeling conflicted. Not so long ago, Conn wasn’t really a brand anyone wanted to associate with. They have made some rather poor business decisions which cost them a large portion of their user base.

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However, those days are gone and Conn is back in the game. Their quality control has been reworked completely, and they are pushing out instruments at a very high level of quality. The one we are reviewing today is enough of a proof that Conn has changed, and that whatever prejudice is remaining can’t be rooted in facts.

As you are about to find out, Conn Vintage One trumpet is among the best in its class.



When Conn designed the Conn Vintage One trumpet, they went back and looked over all of their previous successful models. The idea was to borrow things that were proven to work, and incorporate them in a fresh new design.

The person responsible for the entire creative process behind this specific model is Fred Powell, an authority in the industry. He chose to build a somewhat modular system that would allow the player to choose the version which fits them the best.
conn vintage one a fresh new designThe core of this trumpet is a one piece hammered bell,
yellow brass leadpipe construction combined with a modern 459″ bore. The valves have a short stroke and the whole thing has a proven bracing system that was borrowed from previous Conn models.

The variety of versions is hard to describe in one review. Let’s just say that Conn decided to build one for almost every playing style and application. Versatility was definitely one of the primary goals.

Sound- Icon


The quality of sound is only as good as the quality of hardware, and in this case it’s impressive. The sound is very clear, well rounded and has a nice character. The fact that you can choose which variant you want allows the user to pick something that is better for their genre of music.

Conn Vintage One trumpet is aimed at professionals and performing artists, and as such needs to keep up the pace. As soon as you first pick it up, you will know that you are dealing with a very serious instrument.


  What we like

Great build quality that is strengthened by smart design feature is what these trumpets are all about. The tone is great, and it is definitely something you would want to work with on stage. Overall, Conn Vintage One is a well rounded trumpet that deserves more attention.


  What we don’t like

There really isn’t anything bad enough about the Vintage One, that is worth mentioning specifically. The trumpet has a great tone and is very comfortable to play.

Everything considered..

Finding a good trumpet is one of those things that you really need to do carefully. These instruments are anything but cheap, so any mistake you make will cost you a lot of money. Conn Vintage One trumpet is one of the best things to appear on the market in recent times.

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Its build quality and performance are impressive as they are, but things get even better when you include all the various versions this trumpet comes in. If you are looking for a great trumpet, and you won’t compromise, Vintage One is something you need to check out.

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