Why Is Music Important In Our Lives? Explaining The Phenomenon Of Music

is music important in our lives imageWhy is music important in our lives? Let’s try to answer this question. The entire universe has its frequencies and sounds.

The man is exposed to the various sounds of this world. This is just a tiny part of that vast space. But, since the earliest times humans mind transformed those hearings and gave it’s meaning and emotion to them, and thus, the music was born.

Firstly, everything began with some basic rhythm and voice. And, later, as different civilizations progressed, so the music started to appear more complex and diverse. But, what is the main reason why music is so important factor of every individual life and society?

Emotional impact and ritual

It is believed and proven by scientists that first collective gatherings and rituals during early ages of man were also its first gigs and music performances. And, since then, music didn’t cease to draw people together, but gatherings just became more and bigger.

When they happen to appear big enough the new professions were born. Which means that various musicians, dancers, and later composers and DJs entered the world’s stage.

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Well, in the modern times there are concerts with huge crowds, and music is not only part of the customs and religious rituals anymore because now it is one of the few main reasons ( if not sometimes the only reason) why very different people are coming together to enjoy it.

Because often they are going to the same gigs to be exposed to the same or similar emotional impacts.

Therapeutic and various psychological effects

Music is a kind of emotional catalyst, and it invokes many different psychological effects on the human mind. For influencing and amplifying any kinds of emotions there is a form of music for it.

Happy and sad, angry and peaceful, pride and humor, all states of mind got their own music, all of those are present together with the different personal and collective tastes.
Therapeutic and psychological effects of music

Science has proven that different music influences differently influence even some plant species and bacteria, let alone more developed mammals. In some experiments, they gave cows some peaceful classic music to listen to.

The cows gave more milk than usual, but, when those same cows heard death metal, they produced less. Of course, there are various different examples when it comes to us humans, and potential therapeutic or destructive values of all kinds of music are widely unexplored fields.

Expression of personality trough art

One of the most important reasons is that music is one of the major forms of self-expression, creativity, and art. Music is probably the oldest form of art which does not include much of the manual labor.

So, manifesting your personality trough your imagination and talents are one of your main characteristics as a member of this species, as it is for the rest of us, and music is one of the main choices.
determining the importance of musicA human can describe his entire world view with the power of music. He can also describe what lies beyond, or at least try to do even that.

And, what is considered to be the greatest personal emotional and artistic expression trough music if that isn’t the thing called love?

Manifesting love and showing connection with it

Now we are again at the very beginning of this text. Because love and music have one sole and unique common characteristic – they connect and bring people together. The most listened songs in the world have always something to do with this theme, and the same tastes in music often bring new couples together.

love and music  connection - Music color chart

Different songs of falling in love, happiness in short or long relationship, or a broken heart, jealousy, and desperation, are part of almost all, if not completely all music genres and subgenres.

Many of those great songs got really massive emotional impacts and mark the time period in many personal lives.

In closing

Why is music important in our lives? Do you still wonder or have you realized that music is the most valued thing in this world? Despite it’s not something completely material?

Music is one of the most important and essential things in life because its various sounds and forms show the purest artistic and spiritual reflection of our perception of the reality itself.

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