Who Is The Drummer For Slipknot?

Slipknot is definitely one of the most popular bands in the last decade or so. They brought forth a unique type of heavy sound that was only complemented by the powerful voice of Corey Taylor.

On a similar note, there was hardly a band before them, who could pull off the whole masks and costumes thing the way they did. Their masks became just as legendary as they are.who is the new drummer for slipknot

Most people, including fans and those who don’t necessarily listen to Slipknot know who the frontman is, but how many actually know who sits behind the drums and delivers those sick double bass pedal sections. This is where some of the most hardcore fans start to argue.

For a good majority of their diehard followers, the only true Slipknot drummer was Joey Jordison. His charisma was noticeable as much as his drumming skills. However, Joey left the band not so long ago. So who is the drummer for Slipknot now?

Who is ?

Filling Jordison’s shoes wasn’t easy. When you have such a tight group of people in a band, once one of them leaves they will feel the emptiness no matter who they choose as a replacement.

The new guy has to thread lightly because it’s very easy to become the black sheep in the band. One great example of this is what happened to Jason Newsted of Metallica.

slipknot new masks 2014The guy who was chosen to replace Jordison is a drummer by the name of Jay Weinberg. Weinberg was a fan of Slipknot since he was 10 years old. Having the opportunity to actually be a part of his favorite band must have felt incredible.

Jay approached the whole issue of replacing Jordison in a very smart way. He wanted to show that his attitude coincides with that of his new band, but he also wanted to show respect towards Jordison, and the role he had in Slipknot prior to his departure.

Because of this, Weinberg fit right in. Slipknot had an audition with him that lasted almost a whole day. In the evening the decision was made that Jay is the guy they’re looking for.

He definitely has the skill and charisma to be the new drummer for Slipknot. Other members of the band recognized this right away. One piece of information that testifies to how well he fit in is that they started working on the new album one day after the audition.

In closing

I don’t care who you are, or how well practiced your band is, but throwing a new guy on board like that and trusting him enough to work on your new album is something you don’t really see too often. For now Weinberg is doing great.

He is keeping up with the rest of the band, and seems to have earned their trust. We are almost certain that we will see many great shows and performances with the new band member in the years to come.

Those who can’t get over Jordison should put their feelings aside, and give the new guy a chance. He deserves it.

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