Taylor 110e Review – The Golden Standard

Taylor’s 100e guitar gives a nice guitar-playing experience that’s easily accessible to almost everyone with real wood kinds of instruments.

For players taking their very first steps toward their musical experience, these guitars promise to really accelerate the growth of skill and bring some enjoyment.

>>Taylor 110e Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar<<

An Overview

Taylor’s solid neck profile intertwined with nice 1-11/16″ width at the nut make it very easy for helping players to perform barre chords. 100 Series high-quality models got a very durable, nylon type of 600-denier gig bag along with some double-stitched kind of seams.

And also reinforced quality stress points, created by Taylor, and made for very optimal fit.



If this guitar could be explained with just one word, that one would be sure wood. This brand is well-known because of their exotic woods use, along with beautiful cuts, uncommon design.

These nice wood parts are something that gives a Taylor instrument its true personality. Those woods combine themselves very well together, which gives more dependability and structure solidity.
Taylor instruments are built very nicely, and the model 110 is just made with much precision. It has some similarities as some Taylor’ expensive models, and that is extremely pleasing. Considering many higher end types of companies got a huge gap in their quality and assurance between different price ranges.

The mighty dreadnought is really one among the most secure and traditional guitar shapes. So, Taylor’s great version has truly been refined in a way that can blend its robust trademark low-end type of tone with the nice snappy midrange, superbly producing a very useful balance of articulation and power.

So, if you’re some flat picker or a good strummer who mostly likes to lead, the shape of a Dreadnought will serve you quite well.

Sound- Icon


Taylor brand really does their wood far better than any other manufacturers in the entire world and that also gives a very colorful sound. So, you can almost always hear many differences between this one and any other guitar. Taylor 110 truly sounds strong and beautiful.

It resonates really well, and chords are so alive and colorful, and also separate notes can be very distinct. This applies whether you are strumming or barring a guitar chord or performing a solo.

Simply, these nice words here work perfectly together, so, for this amount of money, getting some better sounding instrument will truly be quite difficult.
The exact location of guitars sensors enables a dynamic and wide range of different acoustic tones to be firmly captured. Altogether with nice Taylor’s custom-designed type of “professional audio” preamp, this stable system always produces such an amplified tone along with nice responsiveness.


What We Like

It is not surprising that this Taylor 110 performs just like everyone would want. It truly feels solid with a very comfortable shape, despite guitar’s dreadnought body. This one also got softer wood than some usual laminate. That means you really will not need to worry at all about the feel of this guitar.

In a nutshell, the sheer action here in the case of the 110 was far better than any other similar instrument within its own price range. Also very nice strings, especially low ones.

There are no buzzing on guitars frets here or any kind of dead notes;. So, besides its body, every part of this guitar is of very high quality.


What We Don’t Like

This guitar is maybe better for the beginners than for the very experienced players. That’s because the design of this guitar is very comfortable. It was mostly designed for those who need an easier way of playing and chord strumming.

That can depend on the taste and the skill of the various performer. This is the only bigger potential negative side of this guitar.

>>Taylor 110e Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar<<


An outstanding sound is present here although its finish on some higher models could be in some cases better. This is a real no nonsense product that truly looks great and also sounds far more than just good.

Well, you can really spend several hundred more if you want the same quality with a slightly better finish. However, among their own class, these Taylor 110e acoustic guitars ranks pretty high.

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