Small Expression Pedal – The Importance Of Volume Adjusting

The objects named volume pedals – also often named expression pedals. Well, you consider yourself a musician than you must have them.

It even doesn’t matter what kind of instrument you got. If you got these pedal than you possess a powerful tool.

You can rightfully adjust your own volume without additional turning off the instrument.

Why do you need it?

Well, to fumble around for that volume knob is sometimes a very stressful experience. In those early guitar days, many played without a precious volume pedal. But, there are some great performers who still until today use no sound effects.

Even if some of them probably recognize that they could use some expression pedal.

The History

The true volume pedal concept really originates from the 19th century. For example, an object that was found on some pipe organs that is named a normal swell box. This was some large enclosure that was built around some organ pipes, which truly had some shutters that closed and opened like some window blinds.

The regular organist used this pedal to close and open these shutters for giving less or more sound. Also, this was the first kind of the classic type of the expression pedal. And this is truly why these particular expression pedals can sometimes be named swell pedals or similar.

With the true birth of these organs came the great evolution of first expression pedals. Organ players that no longer need to use their two feet to truly operate some organ’s pedalboard. They also could focus themselves on their performance instead of on the constant making of changes with the classic expression pedal.

Modern Times

This is inherited immediately by guitarists. Those guitarists, from the late 1930s, were looking some ways increase guitars volume without using on-board controls. Over those years, these volume pedals have truly evolved. In this modern times, an expression pedal is combined with other gear. Some digital amps or nice controller that provide far more options and traits than ever before.

Modern types of volume pedals are able to be activated for control of multiple different features and effects. Vibrato, gain and also the quite infamous wah. So, these features are used to possess their circuitry and also some dedicated kinds of the pedal for precise operating.

What To Consider?

So, there are exactly 5 important things that have to be considered before you choose a new volume pedal: accuracy, compatibility, durability, functions, and lastly – size. And, before you acquire any small expression pedal, you maybe want to be sure that this is very compatible with instruments gear or performers style.

You must ask yourself some questions before you decide to make your new purchase. Will this small expression pedal work do well with MIDI equipment or regular of ¼ inch types of cables are a better option? So, if you really need some new pedal for control of the MIDI board, than the previous question is very important.

The small expression pedal is better than those large simply in the term of their size, because they need less space, and are obviously, more easily portable. Also, you maybe even need a good expression pedal that possesses some attached type of tuner output, because then you can be really sure to always tune between almost all songs.

The Accuracy

You must consider how really accurate you change your own volume adjustments. So, do you really play with some groups whose dynamics truly require some very nicely tuned sounds? Well, then you truly need some good pedal that will be able to offer you some accurate reading with complete and superb volume control.


Durability is extremely crucial as well. It truly would be pretty terrible for your own expression pedal to easily break during a gig. Some pedals get very heavy use, or traveling down the roads, or getting completely stomped on, right?

A small expression pedal that possesses strong construction must be the right one made for you. On those opposite sides of this spectrum, things are different. For example, studio setting, some rugged pedal is able to be replaced for one that has some lighter construction. Because this will really save you a lot of money.

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