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Ever since DJ as an art went digital, we have seen a complete boom in types of equipment that is available. Modern DJ has a lot of gear at their disposal, which greatly simplifies both live performance and studio recording.

If you have been following this technological evolution, you probably know how important turntables used to be. The modern equivalent of this are CDJs. There is a whole market dedicated just to this single piece of equipment.

Numark is one of those companies which made a breakthrough once things went digital. They offer a whole array of various DJ equipment, including a line of great CDJs. The model we are going to talk about today belongs to their more affordable range.

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It goes by the name of Numark NDX 200, and it has a lot to offer to the users held down by a tight budget. Let’s take a closer look and see what makes this model so attractive.

An Overview

There are several main elements which define a CDJ. Most important ones are the size and type of jog wheel they offer, and what kind of buffering they have. When turntables were still heavily in use, you knew exactly how they felt and what kind of feedback you could expect.

With CDJs there is no vinyl to work with, and no mechanical resistance created by the turntable. Both of the sensation and feedback have to be artificially emulated. Numark NDX 200 is an affordable CDJ that offers a great level of comfort.



Built very robustly, Numark NDX 200 inspires confidence when you start using it. It doesn’t feel cheap nor fragile, and can probably take all the abuse you are capable of delivering. The top panel is where you will find all of your main controls, while you feed CDs and CD-Rs from the front. Everything about this CDJ is clean and simple.

The controls are laid out in a very intuitive fashion, with everything easily accessible. The jog wheel itself is decent. It is very smooth and offers great feedback considering the price of this unit.

The buttons on the control panel inspire confidence as well. Pitch fader that comes with this Numark is smooth and accurate, which is just what you need in order to make the right adjustments on the fly. One of the more important features found on this model is Numark’s Anti-Shock skip-protection.

This feature ensures that the music won’t be interrupted, and that the buffers are working smoothly at all times.

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Being a very compact unit, Numark NDX 200 fits well with low profile setups. Since it comes with a pretty clean control layout, making quick and accurate adjustments is effortless. The performance itself is pretty reliable and constant. Buffers work well, and the playback is easy to manage.

Even though it’s a more basic model, Numark NDX 200 is crossfader compatible, so you can use it with a broad range of mixers.


What we like

One of the best things about the Numark NDX 200 is the price to performance ratio. It just offers so much at a very affordable cost. The performance is smooth, reliable, and the whole unit is not cluttered with unnecessary features. It’s a CDJ that is suitable for both beginners and those who just want a simple setup.


What we don’t like

There is nothing so bad about this CDJ that we have to mention it specifically. It does a great job considering the price and intended use.


When Numark decides to make a product, they definitely go an extra mile. Numark NDX 200 is by far one of the best entry level CDJs on the market.

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If you are trying to create a cheap but reliable setup, you will definitely want to put this Numark on your short list. Chances are you won’t be able to find this kind of price to performance ratio anywhere else.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced DJ, Numark NDX 200 is the type of CDJ that will get the job done no matter what application you have in mind for it.

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