The JBL LSR6328P High Performance Monitoring

jbl lsr6328p Studio Monitor speakers
Producing music is a very complex job that requires a lot of skill, but also a lot of dedicated equipment. When it comes to sound, there are two factors that play a very important role.

On one hand, the person doing the mixing and mastering needs to be able to recognize which sounds are off, and adjust them accordingly.

While on the other hand, the equipment they have at their disposal needs to be able to deliver the kind of performance necessary to get the job done. In terms of latter, monitor speakers are producer’s main point of contact with the mix they are working on.

If you don’t have a decent set of speakers, you won’t be able to hear what the music you are mixing sounds like. This translates to poorly mastered tracks, which no one wants to deal with.

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Good monitor speakers need to be accurate and flat. If any part of the frequency range is accentuated, you won’t get the true picture of what is going on with the track you are working on.

Clinical accuracy, neutral sound and the ability to project that sound well is what you want in a good set of monitor speakers. JBL is one of the main brands in this segment of the market, and today we are going to take a closer look at their JBL LSR6328P monitor speaker.


If you ask any audiophile which company has had the most dominant presence in this industry, you will most like hear JBL. A lot of people who appreciate a good sound love their speakers, and have so for decades. It has gotten to a point where you have a private company in Japan which buys old JBL speakers, refurbishes them with care, and sells them.

The fact that this small shop can’t meet the demand even though their prices come with a hefty margin is a testament to JBL’s quality and dedication. With all that said, it’s no wonder people expect a lot from JBL speakers.



JBL LSR6328P is a bi-amplified system that is packed full with features aimed at delivering a neutral and flat sound. The cabinet the transducers are housed in is made of quality materials which come with a number of design elements which ensure absolute best resonance.

In terms of transducers, you are looking at a one inch titanium composite high frequency unit that comes with magnetic shielding and a specially designed waveguide. Low frequency driver comes in form of an 8 inch unit that is pretty decent to say the least.

JBL LSR6328P is a bi-amplified two way speaker, meaning that it requires no additional amplification. This greatly simplifies things, especially if you need a pair of monitors but you lack amps and all of the additional gear necessary.

Even though they are not the biggest monitors out there, JBL LSR6328P is more than capable of creating a great sonic experience in a mid sized room. To ensure best performance, JBL included their Room Mode Correction technology that allows you to adjust the acoustic properties of the speakers according to the space they occupy.

Some raw performance specs include frequency response that ranges from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, maximum SPL of 108 dB at 1 meter and maximum peak SPL of 111 dB at 1 meter. Input connectors used to connect the speakers to your gear come in form of combined XLR/TRS design, making the JBL LSR6328P more versatile. These monitors are rated at 250 Watts of power.

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Since monitor speakers are not bought to be looked at, let’s see just what kind of tone you can expect from these. JBL LSR6328P offers a type of sound that is closely aligned with JBL’s policy of providing only the best. Once you set everything up and adjust the speakers for your specific room, you will be greeted by an extremely flat tone.

There is no distortion, no coloration, nothing. The mid range is clear and brings very impressive definition. Same goes for the trebles. Even if you go a bit higher in the frequency band, the tone remains stable and accurate.
Monitor speaker back viewLow end is probably the best part. Usually monitor speakers come with a bit loaded low end response. They will be flat, but not flat enough. That is simply not the case with JBL LSR6328P. You get a very rich low end response that is clinical in nature.

You can almost compare the performance of these mid range drivers with something you would get from much more expensive monitors. Pretty impressive. The RMC feature which allows you to set up the speaker’s acoustics is both easy to use and very efficient. The difference is apparent, and adds a whole new layer of performance to this monitor.


  What we like

If we disregard all the fancy features and flashy acronyms, the core of the JBL LSR6328P is built as solid as they come. This monitor delivers exactly the type of flat tone and projection that is necessary for professional music production. Its versatility, range, and impressive performance are what makes the JBL LSR6328P one of the proven solutions to any producer’s problems.


  What we don’t like

There is nothing wrong that warrants some special attention. If we really want to nitpick, we would like to see a bit more stylish design. The one JBL went with is not only conservative in nature, but also very dull.

Finally, it may be concluded..

JBL LSR6328P are one of the rare monitor speakers which deliver exactly the type of performance they are marketing. Whether you are a professional looking for a reliable sound reproduction, or a hobby producer, this monitor speaker is a great choice that will last you a long time.

The only real downside to these is their price, however high end performance also comes with high end price tags. Some users thought they could use this monitor as a general purpose speaker, but that is just not possible. These are too clinical for any enjoyable music listening.

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