Jamplay vs guitartricks

It’s very important to be aware that GuitarTricks belongs to a far older generation of sites. It was created during late 90’s. So, they virtually invented online lessons for guitar.

JamPlay came after and is created to overtake previously mentioned one. You can spot that from the editing quality of the video, and guitar learning online innovations.

Learning systems

Well, GuitarTricks Learning System appears in the Guitar Fundamentals. So that is the initial step to create a strong foundation. And, after that part you can go to different ways: Country 1 or 2, Blues, or Rock on the same levels, so you are able to focus on single style or to branch out some other styles.

Many things are evident in the video editing qualities. Also, the very impressive rates with which those both websites add new information and lessons. But there are few reasons why the newer JamPlay mostly outranks older Guitar Tricks, so the winner here is probably the best website for this learning purpose.

Nice song libraries with useful beginner guitar lessons

JamPlay got around 300 hundred tracks, possibly more. While that’s is around half the numbers of tracks that are available in Guitar Tricks site library, JamPlay’s careful structure pays far more attention to complete beginner sessions, and that is the crucial stage in every journey of guitar mastering.

JamPlay also adds more guitar lessons and songs into website library in lot quicker pace than another one does. It’s for sure that JamPlay will catch up or even completely overtake Guitar Tricks when it comes to the sheer breadth of web site song library. So, the JamPlay is a winner in this field in the long run.

Optimally comprehensive websites

Both sites got comprehensive kinds of content banks. So, the Guitartricks has around 600 songs with some 11,000 or more lessons, and the JamPlay has half that number of the songs and around 5,200 lessons. This can make Guitar Tricks more attractive on the surface, but that big amount of lessons and songs is potentially overwhelming for learners, mostly since this one doesn’t have highly ordered structure like JamPlay does.

Jamplay offers the process of learning in three structured but different phases: First- Beginners Level, Second – Styles and Genres (Blues, Folk, Acoustic, Bluegrass, Funk, Jazz, Surf, Spanish classical, Metal, Rock and more.), Third phase – Guitar Songs Lessons.

This site also possesses a very crowded forum and periodically live sessions are present here in which those who learn can interact and contact various instructors and teachers via webcam streaming.


Both sites got much in common. Because, they offer very similar tools, genres, and both are completely available on any mobile platform. Both have many thousands of useful lessons, hundreds of songs, not to mention techniques. General graphics are better in the GuitarTricks, but many would like the far more obscure information and lessons from JamPlay.

The verdict

Lastly, you must definitely choose one of them. So, if you need what they offer, try to acquire membership for a few months in both JamPlay and Guitartricks. That’s because they both got their fine merits and it’s worth mentioning that your guitar experience and skill will surely increase tenfold.

You must remember that right key for getting the best out of online lessons for guitar is to completely stick with the site content and follow the entire course. Because, whether online lessons or reality of life itself, you can’t advance in the case that you are not dedicated, concentrated and patient enough.

So, in the Jamplay vs guitar tricks review the first and younger one is clearly a winner, but not the absolutely better in all its characteristics. That’s because it’s more ordered and easy for use, but on the other hand, it’s graphics are not better.

Perhaps, it all depends on the angle of your perspective, so your personal judgment can be the opposite from mine, but, as I already said, the best option is to try them both.

Final thoughts

It’s clear that if you belong among beginners than maybe you can start with those GuitarTricks. But, advanced players or complete beginners will be able to choose rather sooner than later.

They really know or don’t know exactly what is good for them. Regardless of what is your choice I hope that this text will prove to be useful for you.

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