Em7 Guitar Chord – The Art of Strumming

Well, Em7 guitar chord is the one that you must learn quickly after you start to play the guitar.

That’s mostly because this chord is an essential one among many other chords, mostly because it is relatively simple and very useful.

So, here we will present some important information about this fine chord, and you will be able to learn it quickly.

Basic Traits

This chord is simply the modified version of Em chord, and it is not at all difficult for strumming or fingering. If you want to learn it well you must follow some very simple rules.

This chord is one of those simple 2nd fret ones which are almost natural for learning in some first lessons of the practical guitar playing knowledge.


“Yesterday“ – The Beatles

This outstanding song made by The Beatles shows all those qualities and of traits of the Em guitar chord.

It is very emotional and it also points to the path of this band at the particular time of its recording, because this one is clearly not just some teenage rock’n’roll hit from the 60’s, but it represents one of those bigger steps in rock’n’roll history.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Doi5scckmc” width=”440″ height=”260″][su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH-yJLGP1KA” width=”440″ height=”260″ responsive=”no”][/su_youtube]

So, it is not foolish after all if you, after some time of continuous playing, try to do exactly this song.

“Heart of gold“ – Neil Young

There is an even better example of the Em guitar chord in a song than it was the previous example, and that is surely the eternal strumming of this chord in the “Heart of gold“.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCnCRxYDxDQ” width=”440″ height=”260″][su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH-yJLGP1KA” width=”440″ height=”260″ responsive=”no”][/su_youtube]

Neil Young is the guy that made an outstanding solo career, and his use of this chord is one of the most useful in the rock music. So if you want to find a greater purpose in the guitar playing during your strumming of this chord, then try this one.

Do You Need This Chord?

Em guitar chord is really the one that will quickly improve both your guitar playing skills and your improvisation skills at the same time. So, unlike some other chords that are very complicated for the play this one will show its worth very quickly to the beginner. Sometimes this one is a true favorite of those self-thought guitarists.

When you practice this one, you will really know if this one is completely right or else. This is great, so repeat these tricks with every Em7 chord. And, If this isn’t the case, look at the guitar chord, because you will find out really why this one doesn’t sound soo good because usually, that’s because your own fingers aren’t nicely fretting this chord correctly.

Finger Positions For The Em7 Guitar Chord

Firstly, place your own 1st finger right on that 2nd fret and of that A string, and then place your own 2nd finger also on that same fret, but of that D string. Then, place your own 3rd finger right on that next 3rd fret and of the 2nd string. Finally, place your own 4th finger right on that same 3rd fret, and of that high 1st string, and, finally, strum all those strings.

If you can perform the Em7 chord correctly, then squeeze your own fretting hand exactly 5 times. Well, this will engage your muscles strength and memory, and that will also teach your fretting hand to easily remember this guitar chord. Also, it’s very crucial that you perform the chord completely correct before you achieve this.

There are also some very simple steps which are good for you to follow if you want to make sure that this one is 100% correct. So, be sure that there is an absence of dead notes here, and every tone should be really clear. Also, be able to don’t feel pain, because your hand must be relaxed during you playing of that or any other guitar chord.


This chord offers a number of possibilities for the creativity, and there is nothing overly complicated at the point when you strum this one. So, persist in this simple manner and repeat it continuously. You will at least be content after you completely master Em guitar chord because it will serve you well.

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