Yamaha P71 Review

The Yamaha P71, part of Yamaha’s extremely popular “P-line”, is a decent beginner level digital piano. It’s full size with 88 fully weighted keys, includes all of the features and sound quality that beginner to intermediate players would need while developing their piano skills. That being said, I personally feel that there are better alternatives …

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Yamaha PSR EW300 Review

The Yamaha PSR EW300 is a decent entry level digital piano and a cheaper alternative to some of the more well known Yamaha P series (P 125 for example) instruments. The PSR EW300 was launched by Yamaha (along with it’s less expensive brother, the EW310) following the discontinuation of the YPG-235, and features increased polyphony, …

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Pearl President Series Review

Pearl introduced their president series back in 1966, with the main selling point being their hermetically pressurized phenolic shells. This revolutionary design was said to increase clarity and allow sound to cut through the mix. As part of Pearl’s 75th anniversary, they’ve reintroduced the set as limited edition. In this article we will talk cover …

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