Super Easy Guitar Songs – Building Your Repertoire

If you belong among the newcomers in the world of guitar playing or in the case that you just want to find some inspiration in easy guitar tracks, well, this is the right place for you.

So, here we have a list of 10 super easy guitar songs, and all are great to play and strum along.

You must practice the basic chords switching if you want to smoothly play any of these great songs.

From the ground up

1. Knocking On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan

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One of the best and well-known easy guitar songs. Bob Dylan has made some of the memorable tracks, and this is maybe more known as a Guns and Roses cover than as original.

Firstly G and D chords, and then Am7, after that G, D and lastly C, well it can’t be more simple, and yet more genius than that.

2. Horse With No Name – America

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This old jewel of a song was surely the best one created by band America. There ain’t no one for to give you pain when it comes to playing this easy song. Simply strum an Em chord and after that D6/9 at the beginning, and you will be able to go on a journey with a Horse with no name.

3. Love Me Do – The Beatles

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The first single of this legendary band, this song is pretty and easy for playing. It’s no wonder why this one opened the gate of the wide audience for the Beatles. It’s made from two chords, G7 and then C, after that it moves to D, so this one is the sheer proof that the greatest hits are the examples of both simplicity and strong emotional impact.

4. Wonderful World – Sam Cooke

You don’t need to know much at all if you want to enjoy during the playing of this legendary Sam Cooke’s super easy song from the year 1960.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”440″ height=”260″][/su_youtube]

Another one that starts with G chord, and then it goes smoothly to Em. The other part is equally C, and after that D chord so this one possess a very happy set of notes and energy.

5. Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealers Wheel

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To be stuck in the middle with this joyful track is equivalent to being a complete noob on the field of guitar playing. There are some pauses in this song that tell how some great hits use also this to their advantage.

This one begins with a D chord and after that, you got smooth and easy changing of the other chords, so you will enjoy this one a lot.

6. The One I Love – REM

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REM made on of the most impacting songs of the 90’s, and, from the technical perspective, all those songs are quite easy for guitar playing. The complexity is more in the meaning of the lyrics.

So, I’m sure that this song will not bring you any harm even if you are in a first stage of the guitar rookie.

7. Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

It’s no wonder why this one is known as ”Lazy song”. That means you can play it even if you are the laziest guitar beginners in the known world.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”440″ height=”260″][/su_youtube]

Choruses and verses consisting of only two or three mostly simple chords are simply showing the already said fact – the simpler, the better.

8. What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes

[su_youtube url=”” width=”440″ height=”260″][/su_youtube]

One of those songs with very slow and smooth intros. A, Bm, then D, and Asus2 and you will easily sail into this well-known 4 on Blondes track.

Maybe you don’t prefer this slow tempo, but this track is exactly one of those best training songs for those who just started to play the guitar.

9. Zombie – The Cranberries

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Just don’t turn into a zombie if you got bored by this one. The Cranberries are one of those masters of the famous Am chord progression. So, this one is one of the main examples of slightly melancholic hits made with the help of this simple but quite energizing changing of the chords.

10. Angie – The Rolling Stones

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Lastly, Angie is one of those great Rolling Stones tracks that is also very easy for playing. Best rock bands made their best songs in a very simple way, and maybe there are no bigger examples of this than among the songs of the ever surviving dinosaurs of rock and roll.

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