Music Alley Drum Set Review

Music Alley is a newer budget musical instrument brand that offers a range of beginner level instruments catering to a range of budgets and playing styles. With a reputation for affordability and functionality, Music Alley drum sets are a popular choice among beginner drummers. 

Music Alley is known for its commitment to providing affordable musical instruments without major compromises on quality. These drums won’t compete with some of the more well known manufacturers, but they are definitely good enough for beginners just learning the ropes and developing her skills. They aim to make music accessible to everyone, including aspiring drummers. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Music Alley provides good customer support, including a warranty on their products. Their drum sets are typically made from wood, such as poplar or birch, which are common materials used in drum manufacturing. The shells are constructed and shaped to produce a balanced and resonant tone. The hardware, including the drum stands, pedals, and mounts, are made from durable materials and designed for stability and ease of assembly. Let’s take a closer look at their drum kit.


Music Alley 3-Piece Junior Drum Set


The Music Alley 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is a very standard option for young aspiring drummers who are just starting out. You’ll find plenty of 3 piece kits right around this price range, and honestly there isn’t a whole lot of difference between any of them. This drum set is designed specifically for children and comes with everything they need to get started on their drumming journey. The drums are made of decent quality materials and are sized to be appropriate for younger players, with a smaller bass drum size and shorter stands. The Music Alley 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is easy to set up and provides a solid foundation for young drummers to develop their skills and express their creativity in a fun and engaging way. 



  • Low Price

  • All Inclusive

  • Good Value

  • Lower quality than some more expensive beginner kits

  • No Hi-Hat included


The major downside to the the 3 piece setup is that it doesn’t include a hi-hat. I think hi-hats are pretty essential to learning the drums as they function as the primary time-keeper in most drum beats, so you will most likely have to upgrade this kit or buy a hi-hat relatively quickly if your child shows continued interest in drumming. There are plenty of beginner level kits that offer hi-hats, but if you’re looking for the cheapest decent option, this (or any other 3 piece) is probably it.

What’s Included:

  • 16″ bass drum
  • 10″ mounted tom
  • 10″ snare drum
  • Crash cymbal
  • Drum throne (padded)
  • Sturdy hardware for assembly

Design and Aesthetics

Music Alley drum set features a modern and sleek design. The kit offers black or blue monochrome wraps which look quite nice for a ~$100 drum kit. The hardware looks nice as well and overall it’s a well designed compact beginner drum kit.

Sound Quality

Music Alley drum sets offer decent sound quality for their price range. The drums produce a balanced and resonant tone, with good projection and sustain. The snare drum delivers a crisp tone, though the toms and bass drum are a bit high and tight. This is pretty standard with children’s drum kits as the drums are small. Smaller drums produce a thinner, higher sound. The included cymbals are typically entry-level, but they still provide satisfactory sound quality for beginners.

Value For Your Money

Music Alley products are known for their affordability, making them a cost-effective option for those on a budget. While they may not have the same level of quality and features as higher-end drum sets, they provide decent sound quality, durability, and ease of assembly for the price point. Music Alley’s commitment to customer satisfaction, including a warranty on their products, adds to their overall value for money.


Overall, Music Alley drum sets are a reliable choice for beginner drummers looking for an affordable and functional drum kit. They offer decent sound quality, durability, and ease of assembly, making them suitable for practice, learning, and casual performances. While they may not be ideal for professional



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