Gemini Pro Audio – One Man’s Vision

Gemini largely recognized the emerging industryThere are two kinds of companies out there – ones who are looking to make profit no matter the cost, and the ones whose mission takes priority over money. In most cases, if the latter succeeds, it’s because they held true to their vision.

Gemini is a brand which can be placed in the latter category. This company was founded in 1974, back when DJs were just starting to gain popularity, and has been with the scene ever since.

Gemini largely recognized the emerging industry, and saw that DJs are only to become more popular. What they have decided to do is create a range of products which would help the newly created scene grow, supporting it every step of the way. In most cases, that is exactly what they have been doing.

Today, they are one of the big brands in the industry, with a broad range of DJ products and other audio equipment.

An Overview

The mission of Gemini was to produce decent equipment at a reasonable price. Not everyone has the type of money to buy the expensive gear, which is why Gemini stepped in to bring a line of models which were both affordable and worth buying.

The type of performance they offered was decent to say the least. Having a brand like this meant that aspiring artists could get the tools necessary to bring their creations to life.

Over the years, the spectrum of products Gemini was producing grew larger. Today they make controllers, DJ mixers, turntables, headphones and more. One of the product lines which they later added to their offer was the Pro Audio line. Gemini Pro Audio is an umbrella term for all of their PA and loudspeaker products. They also have EQs, recorders and wireless systems under this division.

The experience they have gathered over the years has allowed them to fine tune the supporting audio equipment every DJ needs. Their PAs and offer the best bang for the buck out there. Most of those who criticize Gemini are comparing their products to elite brands.

The difference here is that Gemini never claimed to offer best possible gear on the market. That was never the goal of this company. What they do offer is good equipment at prices which make them accessible to the masses.
Gemini Pro Audio line has been used by some big name performers. Overall viewWith that said, Gemini Pro Audio line has been used by some big name performers. The quality of the products belonging to this brand is actually quite good all things considered. If you had a large budget at your disposal, you would probably choose something else, but if the money is tight, Gemini will give you a solution that will get the job done.

However, the future of Gemini is yet to be determined. One one hand producing affordable equipment has its merits, but the market is slowly turning away from this type of solutions. These days, most beginners or those on a tight budget are opting for used gear over buying cheaper new stuff.

The reason for this comes from the fact that the technology isn’t advancing at such a fast pace. Used devices are not obsolete in most cases, but are cheaper and usually from a more reputable brand. How will Gemini deal with this issue is still to be seen. As of this moment, things are not looking all that great for them.


On a grand scale of things, Gemini was there for the DJ community when they needed them the most. Producing a more affordable alternative to expensive Japanese brands earned them some credibility in the community. But the situation has largely changed today. This is no longer an emerging industry, and keeping up with the big guys is becoming harder and harder.

It feels like Gemini’s answer to this problem might be to switch over to the PA field. DJ equipment market is definitely already divided between the leading brands. If you are wondering whether or not to get Gemini Pro Audio products, or any other Gemini products, you need to figure out what your goals are.

Gemini is a great way to introduce yourself to the game, and have a decent set of gear. However, if you want something that will last you for years, you should probably look elsewhere.

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