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Everjoys is a relatively new brand known for producing decent soprano ukuleles aimed at beginners. They excel at providing great affordability and value for the all inclusive beginner ukulele packages they offer. The manufacturing quality is passable, the materials used are cheap but effective. Overall, Everjoys is a great option for a cheap starter ukulele or for someone that won’t invest a lot of time into playing.


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Everjoy Ukuleles are available in two tiers: the normal series and the professional series. The normal series ukes are designed to be as affordable as possible, while the professional series is aimed at someone closer to the intermediate level who might want to make playing the ukulele more than just a part time hobby.

Everjoys 21″ Beginner Soprano Ukulele



The Normal series of Everjoys ukuleles is perfect for beginners who are just starting their ukulele journey. These instruments are crafted with a combination of basswood and blackwood with nylon strings to produce a warm, even tone. The overall quality is similar to most beginner level ukuleles you will find at this price range, and you get a ton of additional items like a tuner, ukulele strap, songbook, polishing cloth, extra strings, and a carrying bag.



  • 21″ Length
  • Basswood body
  • Solidwood neck
  • Blackwood fingerboard & bridge
  • Nylon strings

Design & Appearance

These ukuleles are designed with a focus for beginner lessons and building a solid musical foundation. The strings are color coded to help identify different notes, and the included songbook makes learning the basics quick and easy. If you aren’t a fan of the rainbow strings, don’t worry as Everjoys beginner ukuleles come in 16 different colors, including plenty of options without the rainbow strings.


Everjoys 21″ Professional Soprano Ukulele

For those seeking a step up in performance and features, the Professional series from Everjoys offers an elevated playing experience. These ukuleles use mahogany and rosewood with nylon strings to produce a slightly richer and brighter sound than their normal series counterparts. They aren’t much more expensive, and are more on par with some of the larger name manufacturers like Kala or Ohana for example. These also come with all of the additional items (tuner, ukulele strap, songbook, cloth, extra strings, and a carrying bag)


  • 21″ or 23″ length
  • Mahogany body & neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
  • Nylon strings

Design & Appearance

The professional Everjoys ukuleles don’t offer nearly as many color options (they come in Sali and Mahogany), but are instead designed more fore performance than aesthetics and learning. Overall the instruments look sleek and classic.



In conclusion, Everjoys ukuleles, available in their Normal and Professional series, provide a fantastic range of options for both beginner and more advanced players. With their solid construction, delightful tones, and accessible pricing, Everjoys ukuleles are a reliable choice for anyone looking to embark on a ukulele journey or expand their musical repertoire.

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