DW5000 Series – Pushing The Limits

DW5000 kick pedal by DW Drums

About two decades ago, drummers didn’t really pay too much attention to their kick pedals. Usually, you would use what came with the set.

Sure, there were some who went above and beyond to find a great pedal, often times doing modifications of their own to their kick pedals in order to align their performance with their personal needs.

Only recently, which is probably a relative term by now, did drummers really start looking at aftermarket kick pedals. There is a correlation between this new trend and more aggressive metal music. Double bass sections became a popular element of many songs, and that meant you had to purchase a completely new kick drum pedal.

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As this trend grew, so did the kick pedal market. For a good period of time, Tama’s Iron Cobra was the go to choice. However, new and more advanced pedals appeared bringing some pretty awesome solutions that made it much easier to play fast bass drum sections. One such is the DW5000 by DW Drums.

This is actually a designation for an array of models that came in different configurations. Our mission today is to find out just how good these pedals are, and what is it that they offer to the market.

How good these pedals are..

What DW did with the DW5000 series is offer not just a single kick pedal that works great, but a kick pedal system whose components come in different variations. You could go as far as to say that it is a modular system which you can somewhat adapt to your needs.

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Flagship models in the DW5000 range are by far the DW5000AD4 and DW5000TD4. Both of these come in a single pedal or double pedal configuration. Initial versions of the 5000 series used to be pretty slim even by the standards the were used in those days. The newly revamped models fixed that, and you now have a pretty chunky pedal to work with.

Following this increase in size and weight, Drum Workshop engineers upgraded the drive system to include a second chain, compared to a single chain design of the original series. This understandable. A single chain just wouldn’t have the juice to drive the pedal the way it is meant to be driven.
single pedal or double pedal configuration. Drum Workshop engineers upgraded the drive system to include a second chainThe build quality of both of these models is impressive. The hardware instills a lot of confidence, even when you just look at it. Naturally, it feels just as good if not better under the foot. DW offers a variety of different aftermarket parts that can boost the performance of your 5000 pedal even more.

Things like non slip rubber grips that keep the pedal in place, and other things of that nature are available. The pedals are completely silent in use. This is partially due to level of quality DW is known for, and the dual bearing spring rockers that allow for a very smooth operation.

The two designations we mentioned earlier, the TD4 and AD4 relate to the size of the cam. AD4, or Accelerator Drive 4 features a slimmer cam while Turbo Drive 4 has a more beefy one. The effect these two different cam designs have on use of the pedal is significantly distinct for each version.

Turbo cam gives you a flat pull through out the range of motion. This means that you will face equal resistance no matter in which position the pedal is. Accelerator pedal is different. The resistance is light for the initial length of travel, and keeps increasing as you drive through the motion.

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Consistency is one of the main attributes that the DW5000 series bring to the table. Finding a kick pedal that is consistent over a long period of time is not as easy as it sounds. The fact that you have several different models to choose from allows you get the one that best fits your style of playing.

This kind of versatility makes the DW5000 a no brainer choice for a lot of people. If you pick the type that is more suited for you, there won’t much need for any kind of larger adjustments.
dw5000 kick pedal detailOnce set up and properly mounted, the pedals deliver a very smooth and silent performance. There is no slack in the travel of the pedal, and the chains aren’t yanked as you release the pressure. It just gives you the impression that you are using a finely tuned machine, which you definitely are.

The double pedal models that go under the 5002 designation are one of the fastest and most impressive double pedals on the market today. The axles are light, and even though it is a chunky system, you don’t feel a lot of resistance as you play.


  What we like

There is a lot to be said about the precision machining that can be found on a DW5000 set. No matter which one you choose, every component is well made, properly chosen, and just works.

The pedals are reliable, and the different versions allow you to choose the one that best fits your playing style. It is not the best possible model on the market. But in terms of value for the money, you can hardly beat any of the models from the 5000 spectrum.


  What we don’t like

There is not much to complain about with any of the 5000 models. They are solid pedals, which work as they are intended to. The performance is consistent and that is all that matters. You can be a purist snob and find small flaws here or there, but there is really nothing significant that needs to be addressed in particular.

All things considered

The market for aftermarket kick pedals has become a very competitive one in the last decade. DW5000 series by Drum Workshop is definitely a good solution for those who need a reliable and fast set.

Some of the engineering solutions implemented in these pedals are really pushing the envelope, especially in this price range. For all intents and purposes, DW5000 stands as one of the best pedals on the market.

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