Roland SP404 the dying breed

Roland is known for a whole variety of different musical equipment. Their electronic drum kits are probably the best in the world right now. Among this long list of great products are also some pretty obscure ones. Samplers are not as popular as they used to be, that is for sure. The technology of digital …

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ATM 25 Background Heroes

When people usually talk about microphones, the first thing that comes to mind is the tool being used by a singer to amplify their voice. However, microphones are also used in a variety of different applications related to live performance and music recording. These microphones are a built with a slightly different goal, and can …

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Roland SP404SX a Long Expected Upgrade

By every definition, samplers are slowly fading away into obscurity. Their application has been replaced by a whole array of other hardware, and more importantly, software. These unique devices were all the rage back in the day when computers were still not capable of being used for audio recording and production in any meaningful way. …

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Old School Cool: Stanton STR8-30

If there’s one genre of music that has seen a boom in both spectrum and popularity, it’s electronic music. Development of digital technologies really left an impact, allowing modern DJs to have more control over their mix, and simply be more creative. However, newer is not always better. At least when it comes to turntables. …

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