Best MIDI Controller for Ableton – Heavy lifting through today’s market

To properly utilize your Ableton digital audio workstation (DAW), we think that a proper MIDI controller is one of the best options you can buy. This device will allow you to grasp the essence of a DAW and venture forth as a better studio engineer and a musician.

We decided to do the heavy lifting and sift through today’s market in a bold attempt to bring you the best MIDI controller for Ableton. After a string of experiments and consulting sessions, we jotted down a set of three top items. They patiently await to be checked out in the rundown below.

Name the best MIDI controller for Ableton

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key Ultra-Portable

We’ll get the party started with a top-notch Akai item, the Pro APC Key 25, as a representative of the budget friendly domain and a living proof that you can get a good deal at a low price. Let’s check this out!

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The device stands out as the very first Ableton controller with an on-board keyboard for extra control and easier work session. It can seamlessly integrate one to one with the company’s Live 5×8 clip launch matrix featuring tri-color lighting displays of the current clip status.

Also included in the mix is a set of 25 synth action mini keys handy for composing music and performing minor segments and fill ins, as well as major parts. The device also offers a USB powered feature and plug and play setup for top of the line portability and easy transport, which can be a crucial factor to some folks.


Easy to use and convenient would be the two keywords here. The device packs a strong punch and an ability to seamlessly improve your business, reaching the point where you wonder how you ever worked without it. And not only will you get more control, but you work and audio output quality are very likely to increase as well. Never underestimate the power of extra convenience mixed with genuine drive and determination.

Novation Launch Control XL Ableton Live Controller

Up next is another affordable, yet high quality item. They call it the Novation Launch Control XL, and it certainly packs a punch. We’re talking about a user friendly, budget friendly device that delivers top quality while sporting high durability and reliability. The list of features and details awaits below.

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The device offers full total integration with Ableton through a set of 24 top quality knobs utilizing multi color indicators, along with a set of eight 60 mm faders for precise level adjustment, and a pack of 16 multi color buttons for immediate Track Focus feature.

The item can be completely customized with the on-board software editor and additional key mixer controls. It can be combined with the Launchpad S to deliver a combo performance and pick things up to a new level.


Since the item is easy to use, you will soon be able to utilize it to severely improve your performance. The control you gain from this Novation fella is something you are bound to appreciate very much. It maps with the channels right away and gives you a very clear sonic image of your work, allowing additional adjustments and improvements. Once again, a top contestant for the listed budget, we can’t say enough praises here about that factor.

M-Audio Oxygen 49 MK IV 49-Key USB MIDI Drum Pad and Keyboard Controller

Finally, a little something for all you folks who prefer to have a larger keyboard as a part of your MIDI controller. Those offer extra versatility after all, and we can’t say anything but good things about them. Representing the 49-key realm, we bring you the M Audio Oxygen 49 IV, a versatile and sturdy tool with a surprisingly low price tag.

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The devices offers a set of 49 full sizes, synth action, velocity sensitive keys, along with an additional pack of eight velocity sensitive trigger pads for the production of beats, as well as for clip launching and several additional features. There is a total of eight assignable knobs for sonic manipulation, mixing and extra control of plug ins and instruments.

Also included in the mix are nine assignable faders incorporated into the machine so you could mix your hard work with extra convenience and ease. Additionally, transport controls allow you to control your digital audio workstation without ever reaching for the mouse. It might make you lazy, but it also might make you more productive, we hop that the second case is the one that will happen.


The Oxygen 49 IV delivers a very strong performance on all fronts. It replaces many of the standard control features and truly integrates itself with the Ableton, granting you full power over your tunes, tracks, and beats. Many satisfied users and even some of the seasoned studio pros have shared nothing but kind words for this fella, and you should most definitely take that into consideration.

If you won’t take our word for it, we dare you to check this puppy out live, as we guarantee that you will be thoroughly impressed. If we change your mind about it, you owe us that you get this M Audio device and improve your musical delivery once and for all.


Thus we reach the end of our brief, yet sweet journey with a sound conclusion that these three items are the strongest contenders for the flattering title of the best midi controller for Ableton on the market today. We would now like to kindly invite you to check your personal preferences, your needs, and your spending budget for this little endeavor and opt for your personal favorite.

Regardless of what your favorite might turn out to be, you can rest assured that each of the listed items delivers more than the sum of its respective parts might indicate. As a killer bang for the buck, each of them is a product you cannot regret purchasing, and those are quite rare to run by these days, don’t you think. Anyhow, highly recommended, a major thumbs up from here!

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